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6.3.2014 at 10.30 - Järvenpää (III)
Toni Veikkolainen, Keski-Uudenmaan Altair

A cloud of varying thickness allowed me to capture the Sun without filters. A total of five comma groups were revealed, and even the facules can be dimly distinguished near the left edge.

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1.3.2014 at 15.56 - Uurainen (IV)
Erkki Rauhala

Here is my snapshot of this afternoon. In addition to the filter membrane, thin cloud gauze.


1.3.2014 at 13.00 - Järvenpää (III)
Toni Veikkolainen, Keski-Uudenmaan Altair

The spring sun shone a little from the hazy sky and I decided to try filming it from the balcony. The comma groups were nicely visible in large numbers.


1.3.2014 at 15.00 - Ilmajoki (II)
Mauri Korpi, Lakeuden Ursa

Filmed through a thin cloud cover and sun film with camera optics. A dark picture came, but even something during this long period of cloudiness. However, quite a few commas stand out.


1.3.2014 at 10.30 - Kuopio (II)
Vesa Vauhkonen

A few dots appeared momentarily through the cloud filter. Handheld image with superzoom.

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1.3.2014 at 12.50 - Helsinki (III)
Juha Järvenpää

Lots of spots in the sun. Too bad it is useless to try to see the northern lights in Helsinki. Apparently the atmosphere was moderately calm, as the focus worked just fine, and the images became moderately sharp despite the slight cloudy gauze. Hopefully the good weather will continue.


25.2.2014 at 17.16 - Nastola (IV)
Kirsi Volanen

Absolutely incredibly spectacular was the sunset. I thought about trying to see if the sunspots could be seen from such an oval sun, but the experiment was short when the camera tilted almost immediately. I had forgotten to download it. Well, however, I had enough time to leave the commas in the box. Apparently the sun was indeed blood red, and there were quite a few spots. the horizon was quite cloudy, but apparently so translucent that the sun was indeed a striking revelation.


26.2.2014 at 12.40 - Savonlinna, Kerimäki (III)

Moderately sunspots, though not very large.


25.2.2014 at 15.06 - Lahti (IV)
Patrik Engström

The cloud cover clearly works better as a dimmer than a welder’s glass


25.2.2014 at 12.40 - Kuopio (IV)

The sun was visible for the first time probably in a month. Forced to inject the observation into the Sky Guard. There also seem to be commas to some extent.

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