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Telescopic comet Smirnova-Chernykh

11.3.2017 at 22.18 - 22.37 - Orimattila, Artjärvi, Tähtikallio (I)
Kari Laihia, Ville Miettinen, Jorma Ryske, Timo Kantola, Tapio Lahtinen, Veikko Mäkelä, Porin Karhunvartijat

74P / Smirnova – Chernykh Comet as a training object during the Tähtikallio photometry workshop. Alluna's Shooting Team: Ville Miettinen, Veikko Mäkelä, Jorma Ryske, Timo Kantola, Janne Voutilainen, Tapio Lahtinen and the undersigned. Images calibrated with MuniWin, stacked and comet photometrically measured brightness mag 18.1 MaxinmDL v.4.5. The target was so dotted, without the tail that some sort of measurement was successful. Calibration was better for MuniWin than MaximDL, so I used it. .


10.5.2015 at 14.00 - Suonenjoki (IV)
Ville Miettinen, Kuopion Saturnus

The picture isn’t weird, in fact, the first test flicker with the new camera. But a pretty comma group lurks there, so in the picture AR2345 and AR2339. Seeing 3/10, quite a surprise constantly. But that shows the main features now. About 3000 squares I stacked about 1000.

Starscape image

8.3.2014 at 22.00 - Maaninka (IV)
Ville Miettinen

In the glow of the moonlight, it was good to try landscape photography with a new lens. At the same time, traces of a lynx were found.

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Several halo forms

26.1.2014 at 15.30 - Rautalampi (II)
Ville Miettinen

Sun pillar and both side suns.

Rare halos

24.6.2014 at 08.50 - Kuopio (IV)
Ville Miettinen


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Rare halos

21.5.2015 at 17.00 - Kuopio (IV)
Ville Miettinen, Kuopion Saturnus

For a long time I got to see a nice halo play that lasted for several hours. The colors were also clearly distinguished from the outer backpack, even better when I looked through the windshield of the car which dimmed the sky appropriately.

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Quiet aurora arc

6.9.2014 at 23.50 - Siilinjärvi (II)
Ville Miettinen

At first, only a small green roar was visible, but after midnight they became active for a while.

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Primary rainbow

3.7.2014 at 19.30 - Kuopio (III)
Ville Miettinen

The main rainbow and side rainbow appeared as soon as the thunder passed. Lasted about 5 min.

One halo form

19.1.2014 at 15.30 - Kuopio (I)
Ville Miettinen

The slopes of Puijo were snowed and a sun pillar was created at sunset, lasting about 5 minutes.

One halo form

15.9.2014 at 16.20 - Kuopio (I)
Ville Miettinen

The arc of a moderately pretty zenith environment, lingered in the sky for about 15min.

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NGC 7000

8.3.2014 at 22.30 - Maaninka (IV)
Ville Miettinen

North America's fog and pelican fog, surprisingly well, despite the moon's thunder and strong winds.

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25.2.2015 at 21.30 - Kuopio (V)
Ville Miettinen, Kuopion Saturnus

I tried to photograph the moon last night in an experimental way from my own yard. Surprisingly colorful, after all, is when a little dug into the colors in the Lightroom.

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Lightning photo

9.7.2015 at 19.30 - Kuopio (III)
Ville Miettinen, Kuopion Saturnus

Originally, I wasn't even supposed to go photograph the thunder, but saw nice cumulus clouds on top of Puijo during the drive. I was late for them when I arrived but then started to hear a promising rumble from behind me. Indeed, a few bangs were given, most to the islands of Kallavesi. There has been an unfortunate amount of thunder, fortunately the consolation prize was a nice bright main rainbow and a side rainbow.

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Kuun kehä

30.9.2015 at 21.30 - Kuopio, Kaislastenlahti (IV)
Ville Miettinen, Kuopion Saturnus

I was photographing the moon and as the cloud board passed by, that backdrop appeared in the sky as a friend of the upper clouds. Visible to the naked eye easily and colorfully, even better than the camera. It would be interesting to know if there is a certain halo here. Or are all these just called "perimeter" etc?

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Hyvin heikkoja yöpilviä

6.7.2015 at 00.00 - 02.00 - Siilinjärvi (I)
Ville Miettinen, Kuopion Saturnus

Very faint bumps, but nocturnal. A few shores were visible in the sky with the brightest in the picture. Even that was allowed to twist and turn so that even something would stand out.

Eye-catching night shining clouds

7.8.2016 at 22.00 - Kuopio (V)
Ville Miettinen, Kuopion Saturnus

I peeked into the sky at the top ten countries from the balcony, and there were nights no matter what. Suddenly stuff in the pile, calling a friend and towards better shooting locations. Although Neulamäki (where I made the first observation) is marked as a place, all the pictures have been taken of the Sänkimäki observation tower / its surroundings.

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Clearly visible night shining clouds

27.7.2015 at 23.40 - Siilinjärvi, Aappola (III)
Ville Miettinen, Kuopion Saturnus

Spaceweather's night cloud map looked moderately good, so let's take a look at things. Shortly before midnight, a small area of gauze was seen, as well as a very thin belt at the bottom of the horsion, which then gradually expanded into a fairly reasonable play. Perhaps the situation is a little better for Timelapse.

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Binocular comet Lovejoy

19.1.2015 at 20.00 - Kuopio, Maaninka (IV)
Ville Miettinen

The binoculars stood out in a coma, with the naked eye I did not separate. As a friend pictured in Screeners, California Fog as well as that brown fuss is apparently Barnard 3? Canon 6D and 50mm f / 1.8. Finishing touches and color corrections in Lightroom. 8x6min f / 2.0 ISO 200

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Barnardin silmukka

29.1.2014 at 10.00 - Maaninka
Ville Miettinen

Pictured is Orion's belt, Barnard's loop, Flame Nebula, Horse's Nebula, De Mairan's Nebula and Orion's Great Gas Nebula.

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Aurora rays

12.9.2013 at 23.00 - 12.00 - Maaninka (II)
Ville Miettinen

It started as a calm arc of northern lights which gave birth to a belt of northern lights and eventually to northern lights. Eventually it subsided to the aurora borealis gauze and occasionally showed small signs of animation. With my eye, I didn’t notice anything other than green, but purple and red also caught on to the camera cell.

Images: 3 pcs

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