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Landscape image of a planet

17.8.2022 at 03.12 - Sodankylä (I)
Antti Sinkkonen, Ursa (Helsinki)

Moon, Jupiter(?) and lightning above Rovaniemi. Taken last night on an NRT-HEL flight at an altitude of 12.5 km.

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One halo form

31.8.2018 at 00.30 - Kazakstan (I)
Antti Sinkkonen

August last night from Kazakhstan, roughly the scenery of the Aral Sea. Flight altitude approx. 11300m.

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Rare halos

10.10.2015 at 18.55 - Lamon, Italian ilmatila (IV)
Antti Sinkkonen

On the way to Rome, above the Dolomites, the Adrian A320 and the underside sun on a collision course. Photo taken at 11300m Elevation.

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Rare halos

16.9.2015 at 18.19 - Inkoo (IV)
Antti Sinkkonen

Moderately heavy lower and lower side suns.

Rare halos

24.2.2014 at 07.30 - Gda?sk (IV)
Antti Sinkkonen

A dim counter-sun in the clouds of the rain area caused by the rising sun. Photographed from an altitude of about 11km in the morning flight to Malaga off the coast of northern Poland, around Gdansk.

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Several bright halo forms

21.9.2012 at 16.27 - Englannin kanaalin yllä
Antti Sinkkonen

The photos were taken at an altitude of about 9km. The bright spot and line are dirt on the windshield.

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