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21.3.2022 at 20.12 - Turku (IV)
Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo, Pirkka Suokari, Turun Ursa

In today's ISS image, there were a little more companies. We set off a little late and slipped in panic on the capped slope of Luolavuori, leaving a whopping ten minutes in the corners of the view, adjusting the exposure, looking at the stand and planning the shooting. There was little speculation, as the sky was even lighter than expected. However, the end result as a single image is quite successful!

Rocket-related clouds

9.9.2021 at 23.10 - Parikkala (IV)
Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo, Pirkka Suokari, Turun Ursa

We were on the Siikalahti dam road watching the planets, when in the north direction a bright light phenomenon was visible among the clouds. It moved slowly north from Capella, and eventually disappeared beyond the horizon. I hadn’t yet retrieved the camera from the car, so when the light disappeared, I was only able to grab a picture of the rocket cloud that faded away in a few minutes. He has seen everything in the hobby, but never rocket launch. I had to rub my eyes a little and think about what a miracle that is. The cartoon shows the route and an outline of what it looked like. There were...

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16.10.2020 at 23.00 - 23.30 - Paimio (IV)
Pirkka Suokari, Turun Ursa

Since Mars will not be as visible in Finland for years as it is now, it had to be described. The pole cap is visible, but other surface details were not identified.


19.7.2020 at 01.32 - 01.35 - Paimio (III)
Pirkka Suokari, Turun Ursa

The rare coincidence of holidays and good weather inspired us to end a long shooting break and attack my favorite planet. The challenge to photograph was brought not only by Saturn’s location near the horizon, but also by the obstructions caused by the trees and structures at the observation site. The narrow observation window, together with the short cable of the camera, caused the final shooting to take place between the telescope and the terrace railing. One hand was reserved for operating the camera, the other for steering the tripod, and the third for turning the manual filter wheel. Admi...

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Venuksen peitto

19.6.2020 at 10.40 - 11.20 - Naantali (II)
Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo, Pirkka Suokari, Turun Ursa

Since it was not possible to include both of its means of observation in the celebration of Midsummer, the covering of Venus with the Moon had to be done by the "old-fashioned" method or by the "raw" or the naked eye. No mean feat. Miraculously, after a long search, we managed to find both Venus and the Moon in the clear day sky, and we watched as the crescent moon swept toward its unsuspecting prey. The vibration of the atmosphere always seemed to disappear from our eyes at times, but Venus remained on display all the time. Eventually, the Moon snatched the planet into its sickle, making the ...

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