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Lightning photo

19.8.2022 at 23.00 - 00.30 - Pihtipudas (IV)
Tero Kilpinen

We watched almost non-stop lightning and flashes. At the same time, I let the camera sing ~1600 pictures. About 40 of which remained from the first slaughter. Sony A6000 as lenses, old film-era glasses. JcPenney 28mm F2.8 and Yasciha 50mm F1.7. Exposures 2.5-3.2s and the big value quite small.

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Rare halos

19.4.2017 at 17.00 - Pihtipudas (IV)
Tero Kilpinen

Halo was on display when I came from work. Was visible for a long time. The first time I got to shoot. I used a nd filter in front of the lens. Tell me what's in the pictures?

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Quiet aurora arc

9.12.2016 at 20.30 - Pihtipudas (II)
Tero Kilpinen

I went in the hope of northern lights or starbursts to see what would be seen. When I got there and took the camera from the back seat, I looked up at the sky. Reposet, now suddenly the camera is ready. The first image of the autofocus was left on. Then all the settings are in place and the camera will sing. The camera looks much more visible to the naked eye. But even the eye clearly separated the arc from the east over the sky to another horizon, which had a clear green color. Around it I could see with my eyes that there was something in it, but the camera only revealed a green gauze in it....

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