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All-sky aurora

14.1.2023 at 00.10 - 01.25 - Muonio (IV)
Ritva Reinilä

In the middle of the night, full of hope, I looked out and couldn't believe my eyes: finally, after many cloudy weeks, decent northern lights! It was freezing around 16 and the car wasn't even ready to go. But I still managed to take a hundred pictures while walking around with my neck in a keno, so there were indeed difficulties in choosing as an appendix to this observation. Cooperation with the camera is still not going according to my wishes, so I unfortunately missed some situations. At first I only saw green, and then at some point, looking through the camera, a faint red ray sto...

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Half-sky auroras

13.1.2023 at 21.23 - 22.56 - Utsjoki, Karigasniemi (IV)
Tarja Kouvo

In the afternoon the repo forecasts were really good, at some point the values weakened to the usual level and as a "surprise" after about a couple of hours the Kevo observatory was in full bloom. Peeking through the door showed very clear flames. Yes, there were flashes, sometimes they tried to make a crown over my head, but the phenomenon was not very clear. After about an hour I noticed the lens was completely frozen, apparently moisture in the air. All in all, it was a good evening after a long tube of clouds.

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Active aurora band

13.1.2023 at 19.00 - 23.00 - Utsjoki (III)
Antero Isola

After a long cloudy period, the sky cleared and I was able to see the repos. Around 19:00, the first arcs began to appear, which intensified quite quickly. The fires were sometimes covering the whole sky, colorful and fast moving. I followed and filmed for about three hours and the show just kept going. Freeze about twenty degrees.

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