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Partial lunar eclipse

17.7.2019 at 00.10 - 00.50 - Raisio (III)
Sami Rannikko, Turun Ursa

Partial lunar eclipse. Seen from the home window near the southern horizon. I photographed the event from an open window.

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Partial solar eclipse

11.8.2018 at 11.47 - 12.41 - Turku
Sami Rannikko, Turun Ursa

Partial eclipse. A cloudless sky, but a rather modest and short-lived event. Photographed in the courtyard of the Iso-Heikkilä observatory.

Total lunar eclipse

27.7.2018 at 23.47 - 00.01 - Turku, Ruissalo
Sami Rannikko, Turun Ursa

I arrived at the observation site at 10.30pm. After more than an hour, the wait was rewarded and a completely darkened moon appeared behind the clouds. The complete phase was seen from 11.47 pm to 0.01. Photo taken at 11:52 p.m. I waited until 0.45, but the moon no longer appeared. I also saw Jupiter, Saturn, and the ISS space station.

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