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9.9.2023 at 05.05 - Jyväskylä
Vesa Vasankari, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I will also send the meteor that I initially dismissed as insignificant to others, when through other observations I have learned about the existence of September's epsilon-Perseids. This fast traveler in the morning southern sky (at 05:05:21) could at least be a representative of 224 SPE based on its location and trajectory. The brightest object in the field of view is Jupiter.


9.9.2023 at 04.00 - Vaasa (IV)
Timo Alanko, Vaasan Andromeda

I also went through last night's timelapse just in case of those current epsilon Perseids. One strong candidate was found in the early hours of the morning.

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Syysmoonn epsilon-perseids

8.9.2023 at 21.59 - 04.52 - Jyväskylä (III)
Harri Kiiskinen, Jyväskylän Sirius

The peak of the September Epsilon Perseids (SPE) is today September 9, 2023. 13 epsilon Perseids were found in last night's images. The first image shows the observed epsilon Perseids and the last one shows all the meteors of the night. Hopefully next night will be clear and more meteors from this less frequently observed flock will be recorded in the pictures.

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