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Several halo forms

24.4.2017 at 07.30 - Inari (II)
Hánno Länsman

In the school taxi, I noticed as soon as I left home, and I took pictures then, so the pictures are bad. Later in the morning at about 8:20 a 22 ° upward arc was also visible in addition to the side sun to the left of the sun. That’s when I didn’t get the picture because of the rush.

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One halo form

31.3.2017 at 13.03 - Inari (I)
Hánno Länsman

I was playing on the school football field when I noticed this rather bright phenomenon. With such naked eyes, I find nothing but an arc of 22 degrees. The picture shows poorly when taken with the phone's camera.

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Half-sky auroras

2.3.2017 at 20.28 - Inari (IV)
Hánno Länsman

In the bitter frost, from my mother’s tip, I went to the backwater to watch. At first there was only one belt, but finally about half the sky was covered with green belts. Next to the moon, Venus and Mars in the northern lights belt was a view that would have been nice to get a decent camera image. Here, however, I got the best images of the Northern Lights so far with a shutter speed of four seconds.

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Pearl clouds

13.2.2017 at 16.05 - Inari (IV)
Hánno Länsman

I had never seen such a great phenomenon before just before the fall. All the colors were visible in the clouds.

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Quiet aurora band

31.1.2017 at 20.43 - Inari (II)
Hánno Länsman

Many belts. Moderately bright, but not very active. With the camera of the phone (Huawei P9 lite) I got a few bad pictures. After nine, the Cloud Cover disturbed.

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8.12.2016 at 19.45 - Inari (III)
Hánno Länsman

Images taken with a phone (Samsung Galaxy S3 4g) camera taken through a telescope. There were a few disturbing clouds, but I was able to take a few pictures of their crevice.

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