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Diffuse glow

28.10.2014 at 22.30 - Laitila (I)
Pirjo Koski

Very dim northern lights. Still, the arch and moving parts were visible to the naked eye, but lasted an annoyingly short time. At the same time as the repos appeared, a small cloud slowly drifted north from somewhere, obscuring the visibility. There could have been a moderate show in the promise ... maybe another time luck will be in favor.

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29.10.2014 at 10.15 - Rautalampi (II)
Vesa Vauhkonen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

A large comma revolving behind the Sun. Edited from raw image.


27.10.2014 at 21.00 - Oulu (V)
Jukka-Pekka Metsavainio

I completed a new photography project Tulip Nebula (Sharpless 101, Sh2-101) I wanted to get the dimmer parts of the fog properly visible, so I used about 9 hours of exposure time for hydrogen emission alone. I also included a picture with all the other stars removed except for the Cygnus X-1 microquasar. in the figure, the shock front caused by the substance spraying from its accumulation disc also stands out as a curved formation on the left side of the microcasar. More information about both the image and the microquasar in my blog:

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One halo form

29.10.2014 at 08.05 - Rauma (I)
Marja-Liisa Paavola

Pillar from the sunrise upwards!

Half-sky auroras

28.10.2014 at 01.39 - Pudasjärvi (IV)
Lauri Koivuluoma

No matter how great you come again for a long time, here, among other things, the rap is quickly put on.

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IC 434 + Barnard 33 (Hevosenpääsumu)

28.10.2014 at 00.30 - Oulu (III)
Jaakko Asikainen, Oulun Arktos

The first picture of Hevosenpää with new equipment. Mäihä was covered by the reflection fog NGC 1990. The subject was still relatively low and a couple of tree tops had to be avoided when photographing. More information:

NGC 6888 Sirppisumu

27.10.2014 at 20.00 - Oulu (III)
Jaakko Asikainen, Oulun Arktos

The idea for the evening was a test drive with a lens tube motor focuser controlled by Seletek's Armadillo. By the way, things went well, but something went wrong in the system, and I had to refine the beginning of each LRGB sequence with a hand game. We have to find out what's rotting. The target was originally Sickle Fog in a wide field, but when I spotted the M29 nearby, I narrowed it down as well. I exposed the subject for just over 4 hours while waiting for the evening’s main valve, Horsehead Fog. More information:

Active aurora band

27.10.2014 at 23.00 - 00.15 - Rovaniemi (III)
Olli Sälevä

Going to sleep shifted as I glanced out the window and noticed the repos in the clear sky. There was no car available, so now was a good opportunity to stay in the backyard and try out how to shoot repos in the midst of all the light pollution. There are quite a lot of trees in the area, but luckily this time the most active fires seemed to warp right above me in the Cassiopeia region. The visible color was only green, but there is also a bit of red in the pictures. By the way, the shooting was quite moderate, but the speed of the repos produced difficulties. The brightness of even quite large...

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28.10.2014 at 16.00 - Järvenpää (IV)
Keijo Toikkanen, Keski-Uudenmaan Altair

Today in the Sun there is a roar of M1.6 at about 4 pm It came from a large comma group in 2192.

Half-sky auroras

27.10.2014 at 23.55 - Oulu, Ylikiiminki (IV)
Ilmo Kemppainen

Comfortable multi-tone northern lights. First observations of a calm arc of northern lights after 9 p.m. n, at 11 p.m., the first belts rose to the level of the horizon, but no actual corona was formed. And then the dream won.

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Rare halos

23.10.2014 at 09.00 - Sotkamo (IV)
Jari Luomanen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

The morning began with the presence of a slightly pink Moilanen and continued from there to intense side-sun gunfire (of which there is a separate observation ).

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26.10.2014 at 12.49 - Hankasalmi, Murtoinen (V)
Arto Oksanen, Jyväskylän Sirius

X2-class flare eruption observed in the sun with the Hankasalmi Observatory radio telescope. The eruption occurred just when the Sun was “hidden” behind a tree, so handling the observation was a bit difficult. The observation has corrected the attenuation caused by the tree using the previous day's measurement. X-ray classification X2.0, comma group 2192.

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Half-sky auroras

28.10.2014 at 00.00 - Kajaani (IV)
Juho Pöllänen

Repo people as seen from the parking lot of Paltaniemi beach in Kajaani. The play began calmly until after midnight the activity clearly increased. At that time, the Repolites rolled from the northern sky over their heads toward the south. Especially the “angry” tail swings were great to watch, they moved really fast and the camera couldn’t capture them. Figure 6 shows the repo people in the east-southeast as guests of Orion and Seulaste.

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Arcus cloud

19.5.2014 at 19.45 - Kuortane (IV)
Annika Haarajärvi

We were in the yard watching / listening to thunder when we noticed a strange cloud formation. The cloud gradually rolled over us and brought with us a decent thunderstorm.

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A fireball at night, as bright as a cresent moon

23.10.2014 at 23.07 - Savonlinna, Kerimäki (IV)

I only noticed now that the fireball had remained in the image of the sky camera. It seems to be the same as Timo Kantola's observation in Pieksämäki.

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11.10.2014 at 19.45 - Civitella in Val di Chiana, Italia (III)
Satu Juvonen

In the Tuscan hills, twilight rays swept across the sky. The air was humid after heavy thunderstorms.

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28.10.2014 at 12.54 - Kokkola (III)
Joni Virtanen

A dot was filtered between the cracking cloud mass (AR2192).


27.10.2014 at 12.13 - Hailuoto (IV)
Pertti Väyrynen

Monday, October 27, 2014. Hailuoto. Sunspot 2192.

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Starscape image

22.10.2014 at 23.53 - Sotkamo
Jari Luomanen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Lost Highway :)

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Active aurora band

27.10.2014 at 22.30 - 04.30 - Kontiolahti (III)
Karri Pasanen

All night repos danced in the sky in the form of curves, belts and rays and spots. The first picture was about half past one in the backyard, with a rather handsome pillar rising into the sky. Another photo of Höytiäinen's beach at about half past four in the morning, when the undersigned watched repos on the feather islands. There were really handsome warps there too ...

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