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Kuu, Venus ja Mars

21.3.2015 at 20.00 - Lempäälä (III)
Markku Ruonala

A wide variety of celestial phenomena have been on offer this week. On Saturday night, a meeting of songs from the solar system and a crescent moon just over a day old.

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21.3.2015 at 20.20 - Vaasa (III)
Timo Alanko, Vaasan Andromeda

On the way to Meteoriih, this spring’s probably last public show bridge, it caught my eye that the Moon has survived yesterday’s ferocious stunt. Shy and a little ashamed, it peeked like a narrow sickle in the western sky. I took a few pictures of it with focal lengths from 39mm to 1920mm. It was even necessary to take that windmill with you when there was no medieval castle along the way. That's what has been needed in the comments for backgrounds lately :)

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Venus ja kuu

21.3.2015 at 19.22 - 19.22 - Joroinen (III)
Harri Haukka, Warkauden Kassiopeia

Venus and the narrow crescent moon were nicely visible, so quickly with a cell phone camera to shoot.

Venus, Mars, Kuu

21.3.2015 at 20.13 - Ikaalinen (III)
Heidi Rikala, Ursa (Helsinki)

Venus, Mars and the Moon are almost in line. Mars is dimly visible. I was a little late here too, and the picture didn't turn out very good either.

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Kuu, Venus ja Mars

21.3.2015 at 19.40 - Vantaa (III)
Marko Kuisma

Venus, Mars, and the old crescent moon shone in the western sky after sunset.

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21.3.2015 at 19.30 - Helsinki (III)
Juha Parvio, Ursa (Helsinki)

The moon had already gotten in front of the sun into a beautiful sickle into the evening sky. The second image also shows Venus and the dim Mars above the moon.

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Kuu, Venus ja Mars

21.3.2015 at 19.56 - Lahti (III)
Teemu Hämäläinen, Lahden Ursa

In the dim evening, the trio was well visible.

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Landscape image of a planet

18.3.2015 at 19.43 - Tuusula (II)
Juho Kinnunen

Venus fell west in the evening after the sun.

Zodiacal light

18.3.2015 at 21.18 - Parainen, Korppoo, Jurmo (II)
Matti Tainio, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

The zodiac light was barely noticeable visually in Jurmo's dark sky when the northern lights were no longer so disturbing. The night before was different. By stretching the sensitivity of the camera, the phenomenon became more apparent. The bright Venus is in the center and on the right side of the picture are the northern lights

All-sky aurora

17.3.2015 at 19.30 - 01.00 - Kangasala, Kuhmalahti (V)
Jari Luomanen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

This cycle is definitely the best show to date. The pulsation and speed of the northern lights was, at least for myself, something unprecedented. There were bright fires in the early 2000s, but I got to notice this from a good location and first-rate dusk. It was the wildest when Korona still appeared in the blue sky! Green and red were easily distinguishable to the naked eye. The colors of the evening sky lingered on the horizon for a good time as the northern lights were already dancing around the sky. Lots more pictures here:

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

18.3.2015 at 21.01 - Liperi (III)
Teemu Saramäki

"That's where it came from, and that's where it (probably) went ..." The timelapse camera was using the northern lights in Liperi near the airport from eight in the evening. I had turned it east-northeast in the hope of a decent repo. While looking for the camera in the morning, I noticed that last night’s fireball had also left its mark on the memory card. In hindsight, perhaps the camera should have been pointed straight north anyway. :)

A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

18.3.2015 at 21.01 - Hyvinkää (III)
Jasse Hast

The northern lights were waiting, with the side eye I saw that something brighter than coming, I suddenly pointed the camera there and I had time to get a picture for a few seconds. a sparkling head was visible.

A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

18.3.2015 at 21.01 - Lahti (III)
Erik Kallberg

The camera was automatically shooting shots of about 15 seconds toward the northern sky at 20-second intervals. It was hoped that northern lights would have caught on the cell, which had been wonderfully visible the night before. After about 15min, however, a real surprise appeared on the screen when the fireball hit appropriately in the middle of the shutter speed. The observation is from Lahti. There is also a timelapse video where the fireball is shown as well.

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

18.3.2015 at 21.15 - Kouvola, Kuusankoski (III)
Olli Häkkinen

The most handsome car / meteor I have ever seen. Even more than 5-7 seconds was visible, and a clearly shimmering song was clearly visible at the tip. Flight path something close to 180 degrees, direction from east to southwest. So the very last moments were recorded in the picture when that was visible. Unfortunately, I had just reoriented the camera, the previous direction would probably have shown the entire trajectory. The shooting direction of the image is approximately north. Particularly impressive was that clearly visible shimmering song, which, of course, is not visible in the picture...

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All-sky aurora

17.3.2015 at 21.15 - 01.30 - Honkajoki (V)
Matti Helin, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I try to put into words and pictures that incredible night. 17.3. A magical date. In 2015, it started when I looked at the northern lights forecast in the morning. The mass eruption of Korona has hit Earth a few hours ago, all values in red, KP somewhere near eight !!! A nerve-wracking wait began. Would it be possible to bypass the cloud of particles until evening? The last sun went down and I went out. At 19:25, while the sky was still clear, the first northern lights appeared. I ran inside and called my family and relatives out Korona was already waiting there. Orion was covered in northern ...

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

18.3.2015 at 21.01 - Iitti (III)
Petri Harjula

In the evening, after dark, I left for the breakwater on Kausala's boat shore to see if there would be enough northern lights for this evening. I had two cameras and a tripod with me, I put another one to rap the constellations with a 30 second exposure with continuous shooting to be connected later with StarStaX. I let it take about 70 pictures, or just over half an hour. As the second camera photographed his own times from the sky, I described the northern lights that occasionally stand out with the other camera over time. I tried to make the slight northern lights reflected from the wat...

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

18.3.2015 at 21.01 - Porvoo, Sondby (III)
Jorma Koski, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The camera was in its own days capturing northern lights that were quite modest, but the fireball stored in one box was really awesome! The first image is cut from a full screen bleached second, 74 degrees wide.

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All-sky aurora

17.3.2015 at 20.00 - Porvoo (V)
Peter von Bagh

We had been in high school trying to arrange a star-watching night for many weeks, but there was always something going on. Well, on Monday we decided to go to Linnamäe in Porvoo, the only little dark place near the center of Porvoo, on Tuesday after sunset. We watched Jupiter and some twin stars with a telescope and binoculars on Venus and Mars when suddenly at 8pm there was a light show over us. There were green, clearly red, gray and definitely reddish rays of blue-purple..and a lot ,,, and for a long time. In addition to me, only an Italian exchange student had seen the northern lights bef...

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

17.3.2015 at 20.03 - Tampere (III)
Kristian Salo

When shooting the northern lights, the fireball also hit one of the squares. However, the incident only came to light when the pictures were unpacked at home. The otava is visible in the middle of the image and based on it I searched for more detailed information about the observation using the Stellarium program.

A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

18.3.2015 at 01.25 - Ikaalinen (III)
Heidi Rikala, Ursa (Helsinki)

As I photographed the Northern Lights, I noticed a bright fireball on my left. At the same time, a passenger train went in the direction of Tampere. It happened to be left in the old picture of a fireball.

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