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6.2.2015 at 20.54 - Kotka (V)
Ari Rotonen

Jupiter is in opposition today, February 6, 2015. Because the air was clear. I watched from the balcony with my Jupiteria Skywatcher 127 telescope for about an hour. Seeing was moderate, about 3 or 2. The best combination was a 25mm eyepiece + 2 x Barlow lens, using it Jupiter looked nice, bright and big. The dark belts were clearly visible, as always, but this time even in the light zones, a little detail stood out. Everything was visible from Galilee's moons. Europa and Ganymedes were very close to each other, and were getting closer and closer. At one point, they could not be distinguis...

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1.3.2015 at 23.19 - Oulu (V)
Jaakko Asikainen, Oulun Arktos

The full moon and windy weather directed us to photograph Jupiter, this time with the power of two barlows. I didn’t get the flats to work from Autostakkert, so only one video was usable. More information:


21.3.2015 at 21.15 - Lempäälä (V)
Ari Haavisto, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Jupiter in a pretty nice weather, Io flagging in the foreground.

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25.3.2015 at 22.45 - Joensuu (V)
Tero Parkkonen

I suspected the weather tonight due to the -11C frost, which rose unexpectedly after zero temperatures. However, I punched the telescope and after less than four hours went to see what it looked like. It didn’t take long to look into the eyepiece as I was already digging the camera to cool down and after that I once again took a series of pictures that showed well the rotation of Jupiter and as a bonus of course the GRS on display. Seeing for the observation, I mark only mediocre, although Jupiter did not move on the cell at all, there was a bit of fog / moisture in the air eating the best acc...


6.1.2015 at 00.42 - Oulu (IV)
Jaakko Asikainen, Oulun Arktos

The clouds cracked again for the first time in a month. Not enough that it would have been worthwhile to start photographing the deep sky, so I ended up trying planetary photography for a long time. This time, I knew I could use the smallest possible RoI to optimize the framerate (20), and the Cadford focuser controlled by the Armadillo also helped me find a nice focus. The focal length was 5600mm with Barlow. The evening began in pretty hazy characters, another observation is from those times. In twelve countries, the weather became momentarily clear, giving me that most successful Jupiter to...

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Venus ja Merkurius

12.1.2015 at 16.33 - Uurainen (IV)
Erkki Rauhala

The closest encounter could not be seen due to the circumstances, but this is pretty great too.

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Venus ja Merkurius

19.1.2015 at 16.36 - 17.06 - Kuopio, Maaninka (IV)

Venus shone bright on the horizon and Mercury was soaked next to it, though not quite as bright.


20.1.2015 at 22.21 - Tyrnävä (IV)
Jarmo Moilanen, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

A random picture of Jupiter. I was filming the comet Lovejoy and at first I looked into the condition of the focus. Jupiter shone in the sky, so I focused on it. As I focused, I suddenly noticed two of its moons next to Jupiter on the camera screen. At the same time, I flipped this picture with the settings on the camera. The cliff is on the lower left and Ganymedes on the upper right of Jupiter. At the time of filming, Io and Europa were still inside the glow of Jupiter. They are on the same side as Ganymedes. Just a few minutes earlier, Europa has left the front of Jupiter's disk. The ex...


19.1.2015 at 21.00 - Jyväskylä (IV)
Sampsa Lahtinen, Jyväskylän Sirius

Jupiter stack. About 3,000 images. A little rubbish in the lens system.

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Kuu, Venus ja Merkurius

21.1.2015 at 16.48 - Uurainen (IV)
Erkki Rauhala

Handsome threesome in the southwest sky. Mercury did not stand out from the sky without aids, but it was well visible in the picture.

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Kuu ja Venus

22.1.2015 at 16.40 - Siilinjärvi (IV)

The moon and Venus were dating in the darkening evening sky.

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Venus ja Mars

6.2.2015 at 18.32 - Uurainen (IV)
Erkki Rauhala

These are not yet very close to each other, but were comfortably visible between the cloudbands.

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6.2.2015 at 17.34 - Oulu, Kuivasjärvi (IV)
Ritva Jokela

I got to shoot Venus in the evening by hand without a tripod and the zoom was 140x. Venus was so bright that Mars did not stand out at all.

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Venus ja Mars

8.2.2015 at 18.33 - Mäntyharju (IV)
Markku Siljama, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The duo descends to the western horizon. Weather: -7 degrees, biting last

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Kuu ja Jupiter

4.2.2015 at 19.14 - Järvenpää (IV)
Leif Friman

Moon and Jupiter quite close to each other (6 degrees). Clouds coincidentally curbed the brightness of the moon as neutral filters. Jupiter is only about 30 pixels in size in the picture. Canon EOS60D, 50mm, f / 1.4, 1 / 100sec, ISO-400

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15.2.2015 at 23.05 - Järvenpää (IV)
Toni Veikkolainen, Keski-Uudenmaan Altair

It was almost a year since my last Jupiter shot, so it was a good time to try again. There were some clouds left in the sky after the day, but they didn’t interfere with performance at all. I also looked at the planet through the eyepiece.

Venus ja Mars

16.2.2015 at 19.09 - Jyväskylä, Tikkakoski (IV)
Juha Oksa, Jyväskylän Sirius

Venus and Mars in the low evening sky just before descending behind the forest.

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Venus and Mars

16.2.2015 at 18.03 - 18.20 - Tuusula (IV)
Juho Kinnunen

It was a filming loop again ... In the evening it occurred to me that Venus and Mars are close! There is a poor view from the yard in every direction, so I decided to go to the observation hill. Camera and tripod in your hands and suddenly warm clothes on! I didn’t know how high the planets would be, so I decided to rush to have time to photograph them. I didn't have time to go beyond twenty meters when I was lying on the ground ... Yeah. It’s hard to believe that it’s not worth running on the ice, even when you’re going to shoot celestial phenomena ... “A little” felt in my elbows, but af...

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16.2.2015 at 20.27 - Valkeakoski (IV)
Veli-Pekka Käkönen, Tampereen Ursa

I photographed Jupiter on February 16, 2015 in slightly windy weather. Seeing varied from satisfactory to miserable during the filming, but, for example, the passage of Ganymedes in front of Jupiter grabbed the cell and the shadow it cast.

Venus ja Mars

20.2.2015 at 18.35 - Vaasa (IV)
Timo Alanko, Vaasan Andromeda

The bright evening attracted us to admire the rapprochement of Venus and Mars. The moon fit comfortably in the same box. Later, the country house looked better, but now it is photographed under orange street lights ... So we moved quickly to the yard of the Strömösö filming location, but a little too late. Didn't go the way it did in Strömsö!

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