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Rauhallinen revontulivyö

28.8.2015 at 23.40 - Tuusula (II)
Norman Davis

Visible above the tree tops a fast moving green aurora with hint of blue but rather short duration, just a few minutes followed by intermittant sporadic low intensity showings moving first from right to left and later left to right lasting approx 40minutes. Fortunately I had my camera settings near enough or I would have had little "evidence" to show for the evening.

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Active aurora band

28.8.2015 at 23.30 - 00.00 - Pälkäne (III)
Eero Mäki-Mantila

For about half an hour from 23.30 to 00.00 stood out very brightly in the northern sky. Even after this, the still visible arc, but the activity calmed down considerably.

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Active aurora band

29.8.2015 at 00.17 - 01.36 - Ylöjärvi (III)
Tuulia Jokinen

The most active phase at one o'clock lasted about a quarter, with the northern lights extending from northwest to northeast. Other times, the repos remained fairly dim.

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Active aurora band

28.8.2015 at 23.30 - Turku (III)
Johannes Dahlström

I sat in the evening in Kurala Village with the students of ancient technology when the green spots in the northern sky caught our attention. The northern lights were true indeed, and brightened and activated at a rapid pace as we ran to a more open place to look. A handsome but short-lived play. It is a pity that the lens selected for a completely different purpose was not very fading for repo photography other than for its luminous intensity, and no tripod was included.

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Quiet aurora arc

29.8.2015 at 00.43 - 01.02 - Helsinki (II)
Pentti Arpalahti

I left the slope in good time with two cameras on 28.8. at 22:00, but nothing was properly displayed on the screen. When the forecasts weren't promising either, I finished at 22:30 The last picture is heavily raced. When Emma rushed out in the sky, they had to leave halfway to one field again, if there was still some leftover from the show. A very dim haze rumbled on the horizon and the full moon waved straight south. 0:43 However, the arch refreshed into a guard and the blasts could somehow be distinguished by the eyes. Careful adjustment of the images was eventually able to ensure that t...

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Aktiivinen revontulivyö

28.8.2015 at 23.15 - 23.45 - Tampere (III)
Atacan Ergin, Tampereen Ursa

Wow! This time it was a great show in Tampere. After yesterday's disappointment, tonight's show was like a remedy for this aurora photographer. There were many (+30) foreign students in the location, cheering up when noticed the aurora moving fast in the sky. Friends were happy. Here are 8 photos. I uploaded some photos also on FLICKR. Click to see more.

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Quiet aurora arc

28.8.2015 at 23.41 - Turku (II)
Heikki Salonen

Northern lights were clearly visible from the top of the Hirvensalo Ski Slope, but they were dim. I followed them between 23-02, a couple of moments were brighter but generally dim.

Active aurora band

28.8.2015 at 23.32 - Tuusula (III)
Niko Salo

Olipahan show! Took a little risk with the guy about the place. No previous experience of Halosenniemi. The pontoon pier was not an ideal platform now, but at that time the best option.

Active aurora band

28.8.2015 at 23.15 - 00.00 - Pälkäne (III)

I went to the gate to see if there were any northern lights in the northern sky. Well, nothing was visible. After about five minutes, I looked back at the sky, and by then I was already seeing a green belt of northern lights. The belt was sometimes whole, sometimes divided into a few pieces. There was wrinkling, little rays. Sometimes dimmer, sometimes brighter spots. Started around 23.15 and 00.00 no longer seemed to be a reason to stand at the gate. The picture is bad, but I get some idea of what I see.

Half-sky auroras

29.8.2015 at 01.20 - Jämsä (IV)
Leo Jussila

28.9. started a very varied show, with bright repos in places and distinctive in places only in the pictures.

Quiet aurora arc

29.8.2015 at 00.00 - Tampere (II)
Ville Rossa

The tripod was not included so I had to apply support from the dock to the camera ... The brightness varied for about an hour and was very showy in places ...

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Active aurora band

28.8.2015 at 23.13 - Lahti (III)
Samuli Ikäheimo, Lahden Ursa

Apparently, balcony observations can be made in quite many categories, this time with surprisingly bright northern lights. The belt was very bright and lively, easily visible to the naked eye. Picture of a quick hand rap. The video may also be available later.

Quiet aurora band

28.8.2015 at 23.40 - 23.58 - Jämsä (II)
Mirko Lahtinen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Nice season opening. More pictures .

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Active aurora band

28.8.2015 at 23.10 - 23.30 - Tampere (III)
Tapio Lahtinen, Tampereen Ursa

We were at Näsinkallio at the concert and after leaving the concert I noticed that a pretty bright show was going on. So it was decided to go along the shore of Lake Näsijärvi and sometimes we stopped to admire. The green color was now well visible. Pokkari was only involved, but it was quite visible even with 1-second exposures (the images were hardly processed). For fun, I also tried to take a video and I’m amazed when the pocket video even shows something. Video in a tube .

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Half-sky auroras

27.8.2015 at 22.40 - Rääkkylä (IV)
Satu Juvonen

Yes there were great warps! The weather report promised a couple of hours of cloudless moment here in Rääkkylä in the evening, but the sky remained clear until the wee hours of the morning. The whole night was also coming from the sky. Right from ten, several belts across the sky. Modest in color, but diverse and fast-moving northern lights. The culmination was a quick blaze of zenith.

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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

28.8.2015 at 23.30 - 23.45 - Kemiönsaari (II)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

At these latitudes when in the southern archipelago so northern lights are like night clouds for the northern people in July. That is, very rarely appear here reposet. Thanks to Emma for the noise that I usually started waiting for cracks in the cloudy sky :) The reposet was bright and lively for a moment as they appeared between the clouds and finally the still reddish rays rose into the sky and then it was all over! EDIT: Images changed to more subdued and natural versions for the monitoring reasons mentioned in my comment :)

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Active aurora band

28.8.2015 at 22.48 - 23.50 - Jyväskylä (III)
Harri Kiiskinen, Jyväskylän Sirius

Hankasalmi's AllSky camera looked a little green before 11 pm Kamat on the shoulder and the nearby beach. I waited a quarter and described the dim arc until the show started at about 11:07 p.m. The images came in a pretty pile, with the attached gif animation of almost the brightest stage from 11:14 pm to 11:17 pm. I’m not very familiar with the ratings, maybe they went in the right direction.

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Quiet aurora band

28.8.2015 at 23.29 - Lempäälä (II)
Mikko Blomqvist

22:30 was a northwest / northern sky handsome and pretty bright northern lights belt. The brightest moments did not come to the camera. I went to the edge of the adjacent field where the hastily described timelapse can be found at the link below. Some rays were visible in addition to the belt. In Timelapse, the repos had already dimmed from the brightest hedge. They dimmed to the gauze side by night.

Active aurora band

29.8.2015 at 00.32 - Keitele (III)
Tuija Liunala

handsome warps .between the whole arc in green.

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Quiet aurora band

28.8.2015 at 23.09 - 23.43 - Kangasala (II)
Jukka Oravasaari

I had to take a moment to stand on the edge of the field, when the clouds receded appropriately for the evening and even a little greenery was noticeable. At times, the repos stood out bright, although the moon interfered with observation.

Images: 3 pcs

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