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For journalists

Taivaanvahti is an observation system maintained by the Astronomical Association Ursa. The system is an excellent source of information for those making news about current events in the sky.

Obtaining image publication permissions

The system database contains for each observation its reporter (observer) and their email-address. The email addresses are not public information. To contact the observer of an observation, use the form below to send a private email which will be forwarded to the reporter's email. The observation number is used to direct your message to its observer. Typical cases for contacting the reporter of a specific observation is request for interview, asking permission to use a certain image in publication. The observers themselves hold all copyrights to the material they've submitted to Taivaanvahti, including pictures. Access to original, non-scaled images can be obtained only through the observers themselves. The observation number for the contacting form is found at the end of the www-address of every observation's own webpage. By using that number, you can direct your message to the right receiver.

Referring to Taivaanvahti as source of information?

The recommended source reference is either "Ursa's Taivaanvahti" or "Taivaanvahti observation service maintained by Ursa Astronomical Association".

May we use the observation maps?

We are sorry but we can't give permission to use observation maps, since the background map's IPR's are owned by Google. Map visualization can however be done by using an external map layer and extracting data to it by using open Taivaanvahti data APIs (please contact administration for support). The map-icons are freely usable for any purpose, although Taivaanvahti must be credited as source of data.

How do I link into a set of observatios?

To add to your web article a link to a set of observations, the best way is to use a copy of the URL generated by the search-function in Taivaanvahti. your search query generates the corresponding URL in the browser's address bar, which is a permanent link to those results.

How do I get the best information on what's happening in the sky right now?

The best way is to make searches in the observation list or tai images and stories view or on the map. The news window in the front page may not always follow the latest development fast enough, due to being maintained by a voluntary group of administrators.

Taivaanvahti as an observation system

The design and implementation of the system is based on work done by several voluntary active observers within the Ursa community. Many of them are working in the areas of research, IT, or earth sciences. Since the implementation on 2011 to 2017, the system has been developed by both Mediasignal Communications and Sasken Finland Oy.  The current system version is developed by data architect Emma Bruus.