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Eye-catching night shining clouds - 4.8.2021 at 00.15 - 4.8.2021 at 04.40 Turku Observation number 100202

Visibility V / V

At the beginning of the delay as the night began to develop from the window behind the trees. But between 00.30-04.30 the play could be briefly limited to A 350-045 ---> A 200-000-160 and h 00 ---> 15 degrees above the southern horizon. In other words, a play of the whole sky, which could also be described as the NO horns in the last hours of the morning on the southern horizon A 150-210 / h 00-15. All the shapes, the anomalous ladder structure, the "dark openings" ... For the first time this night summer, you could see, and also in the pictures, clearly how the top edge of the nods reddened at midnight - a phenomenon rarely seen in the bright tops of the August plays.

Had the morning not dawned, the new night rafts were lurking in the northeast turn to ascend to heaven. The last visual observation at 04.44.40, when the height of the sun was -3.7 degrees. This exhausts a lot from the toughest reading of the season and my entire observation history of -1.9 degrees 20./21.7. This is partly due to the fact that tonight the brightest shapes (as seen from the window) hit the northwest, where the back scattering of the nodules did not maintain near forward scattering intensity, which in turn was closer to the record morning play (then a compact piece of belt exactly east).

Going back this summer for at least 10 of the fiercest plays in the 43-year-old club. May be that second summer 20./21.7. with the play even at the top of the list.

By the time of film, such a night would have scrapped the film stock (and the economy), no matter how spared. Now the main camera pixels fed 405 images to the memory card in four hours and the time-lapse clicked next to 2041 images. With RAW versions, 74.7 gigabytes to do for a couple of nights.

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