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Rocket-related clouds - 9.9.2021 at 23.07 Oulu Observation number 101139

Visibility V / V

Not visible

From the car window I saw a fireball in the northern sky that seemed to be very high in the atmosphere.

I got out of the car and took a picture.

Although I watched for a long time before I brought up the phone’s camera, the phenomenon was visible for a total of about 1 full minute.

Moved prominently, but very slowly compared to a typical star flight or fireball. However, much faster than satellites visible in the sky.

The glow left the air like a comet, possibly because it was so high that the sunlight illuminated the van it left in the atmosphere.

As the fireball progressed, some kind of thin clouds or ice crystals came between it and the observation site, which formed a halo-like reflection that sometimes reflected like a lens around the fireball.

The fireball landed behind the horizon, leaving behind a lens glistening like a lens.

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  • Havainto
    • Rocket-related clouds
  • Rocket launch
    • Rocket phase visible in the sky info
Technical information

OnePlus 3T A3003 + Google Camera Night sight Mod camera app Focal Length 4.26mm Exposure 1/3 sec. Aperture f / 2.0. ISO 5063.

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