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Rocket-related clouds - 10.9.2021 at 04.30 - 10.9.2021 at 04.50 Taipalsaari Observation number 101176

Visibility IV / V

EDIT: Clouds identified as previous night's rocket launch drops.

Although Ursa just said in the latest Zenith that the night cloud season is officially over, I photographed some well-looking clouds in the morning when I returned home from reposkytis. When I left Sarviniemi in Taipalsaari, I already saw that something was going on in the east, east-southeast, but I wasn't quite sure if I was delusional or not. On the way, I blinked in the direction of the rising sun and finally had to stop at the roadside to take a few pictures when I otherwise couldn’t have proved my observation. #raketti

First photo taken at 04.47

The second photo was taken at 04.48

And the third at 04.50


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  • Havainto
    • Rocket-related clouds
  • Cloud coverage in the sky
    • Very small area
  • Rocket launch
    • Rocket contrails info

      The rocket contrails are colorful clouds that appear when the sun is below the horizon. The contrails can float so high in the atmosphere that the sun shines on them even if it is already completely dark on the ground. They stay visible noticeable quite long after the launch.

      The colors are created by the scattering of sunlight in the small ice crystals. In Finland, rocket phenomena from two different locations have mainly been observed. One of them is the missile launches from the submarines from the White Sea and the Arctic Ocean. They use solid fuel that creates colorful clouds.

      Another source of rocket phenomena is the Plesetsk Cosmodrome Area in Russia. There are a few launches from there every year. These fires usually use liquid fuels, making the clouds less spectacular.

      The visibility of the rocket launch is affected by the time at which the launch is made and where the winds blow. The best of all is around 3-5 o'clock Finnish time, when the cloud has time to spread out a bit and shine in the morning sun coming from the east when it is still dark or dark in Finland.

      During the first decade of the 2000s, rocket phenomena have been observed about twice per year in Finland. Since then, however, it has been quieter.

      Rocket contrails from Oulunsalo, Photo by Jarmo Moilanen.

Comments: 5 pcs
Mikko Peussa - 10.9.2021 at 21.50 Report this

Tulkittiin nämä pilvet edellisen illan rakettilaukaisun jättövanoiksi, jotka voivat näkyä pitkään laukaisun jälkeen. Hieno havainto ja ovat tosiaan hyvin yöpilvimäiset kuvissa.

Terhi Törmälä - 10.9.2021 at 22.15 Report this

Kiitos, Mikko, tunnistuksesta! Jätin tarkoituksella havainnon teidän viisaampien tarkistettavaksi. Hyvä oli saada selitys näille. 

Pirjo Koski - 10.9.2021 at 23.01 Report this

Onnittelut ruuduista! Kovin ovat yöpilvimäisiä. 

Terhi Törmälä - 10.9.2021 at 23.14 Report this

Kiitos Pirjo! Ei tullut edes mieleen että olisivat voineet olla raketin jättövanoja niin kovin muistuttivat yökkösiä. 

Markku Siljama - 11.9.2021 at 10.42 Report this

Hyvä ja merkittävä havainto,hienoa.

Ajoin klo 7 aikoihin ,2,5 tuntia myöhemmin, Mikkeliin kohti nousevaa aurinkoa ja seurailin samalla taivasta mutta näkyi vain normi yläpilviä,oletan..

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