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Rocket-related clouds - 9.9.2021 at 23.07 - 9.9.2021 at 23.10 Kokkola Observation number 101181

Visibility Unclassified

This sight came as a surprise. On the autumn-dark beach, fully focused on taking pictures of the Milky Way, and when the exposure had begun, the light-splitting light phenomenon, which had caused almost slag, could strike the eyes and could not be grasped and processed at first.

When the initial shock had come to an end, he realized that there was a light phenomenon to be exposed, so the orbital exposures were allowed to stay momentarily. The tripod was moved by a few meters to a better position against the water, and it was clear that the fast-moving subject could be caught only by reducing the shutter speed and increasing the sensitivity. Not many images of the phenomenon were allowed to be taken for granted. I got nine images of that within 2.5 minutes, starting with shutter speeds of a couple of seconds and ending with shutter speeds and sensitivities, the first image published here was taken at about 11.08pm and the last at about 11.10pm when the phenomenon had formed such a ball of light on the horizon.

The scenes were in place when everything happened to be ready for shooting down to the details, otherwise these pictures would have been missed as well. Sure, the sight would have been beautiful and maybe even unique without the pictures. #raketti

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Additional information
  • Havainto
    • Rocket-related clouds
  • Cloud coverage in the sky
    • Covered about half of the sky
  • Rocket launch
    • Rocket phase visible in the sky info
Comments: 8 pcs
Mikko Peussa - 10.9.2021 at 19.39 Report this

Upea setti!

Matti Helin - 10.9.2021 at 20.19 Report this

Mahdottoman upea sarja. Todella. 10.

Jari Luomanen - 10.9.2021 at 20.31 Report this

Tässä taisi tulla tämän maan kaikkien aikojen parhaat kuvat rakettilaukaisusta. Huh miten järjettömän upeita. 

Lasse Nurminen - 10.9.2021 at 21.09 Report this

Huikeat ruudut sait talteen, wau!

Antero Ohranen - 10.9.2021 at 22.42 Report this

Hienot on kuvat ja mahtavasti otettu tilanne haltuun! Onnittelut:)



Heidi Rikala - 10.9.2021 at 22.48 Report this

Vaude!  Upeat kuvat,  harvinainen tapaus  taltioitu onnistuneesti! Onnittelut!

Pirjo Koski - 10.9.2021 at 22.58 Report this

Komeat kuvat, kertakaikkiaan! 

Tommy Lågland - 11.9.2021 at 23.41 Report this

Hieman hukassa tämän alustan toiminnallisuudessa kun käyttö ei ole rekisteröityyn käyttäjätiliin perustuvaa.

Joten sisällön tuottajan ominaisuudessa - lämmin kiitos kaikille kannustavista kommenteista!

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