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Mare Orientale - 26.12.2021 at 01.45 - 26.12.2021 at 02.20 Harjavalta Observation number 103362

Visibility IV / V

Jari Kuula, Porin Karhunvartijat

The company draws Mare Orientale at a time of favorable librarianship. Small, gusty, -18 degrees Celsius. The viewing pleasure dropped relative to the temperature cube, resulting in the fastest drawing of the winter! The moon was low (about 32 degrees) and there was something awkward in the air, not good weather. Nicely, however, the eastern sea was visible with its small lakes, just as if the far end of the sea had also separated. The Orientale Basin has broken the old craters of the region at birth, with young Byrgius A trying to clear it by extending its rays all the way to the sea. The IAU officially officially named Mare Orientale three years after turning the Moon's east-west directions!

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    • Mare Orientale
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Mak 170, Hyperion 13mm, 196x

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Paula Wirtanen - 26.12.2021 at 21.33 Report this

Onneksi jouluajan iloksi oli selkeää (vaikka melko viileää) säätä libraation ollessa näinkin suotuisa. Mahtavaa nähdä tuonne Kuun kääntöpuolelle ja bongailla sieltä näitä hieman ujoja ja piilottelevia yksityiskohtia.

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