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All-sky aurora - 25.1.2022 at 18.00 - 25.1.2022 at 23.30 Sodankylä Observation number 104250

Visibility V / V

During the day I bongailed the pearl clouds and as soon as I got home I looked at the northern lights curves and looked promising. It wasn't even very dark, so dim red light appeared in the Sodankylä sky camera. The intention was to go in search of a better place to spend the day, because I still didn't know where to have a good relationship. light-free and open place close to home. But there were signs of a big show in the sky, so I went to the same lousy but familiar forest next to the light pollution. At some point, very nice big reddish lights were visible there. The man met the dog while walking outside and admired the fire together. I asked if he knew of any good places nearby, he told me about the route to a nearby marshland. I had gone there, but I should have moved on. So I was cycling there on solid snowy roads, with the camera tripod in one hand. It was hard and heavy, but was eventually found. For a moment I was allowed to stand there and marvel at the dim colorful arches in every direction, but sometimes at 10 o'clock came so incredibly big and bright fires that I had never seen before. I looked at them to the end and headed home, the socks and shoes had been wet for a couple of hours. On the way home again came the big bright ones, which I ignored and went home. It is often difficult in the hobby to move to a home.

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Comments: 4 pcs
Lasse Nurminen - 26.1.2022 at 11.42 Report this

Viitoskuvassa fillaristi kaikkensa antaneena :D Hienot tulet!

Aino Piirainen - 26.1.2022 at 19.46 Report this

Hei! Onpas hieno sarja tässäkin! Puolilta öin oli Sodankylä livekamerassa vielä huikea show. :)

Dennis Lehtonen - 26.1.2022 at 21.11 Report this

Kiitoksia! Joo siinä joskus 23:30 aikoihin kun käsittelin koneella kuvia niin vieressä oli kunnan taivaskamera päällä. Alkoi hikipisarat valua otsalta kun sitä menoa siitä katsoin ja tajusin että oli virhe lähteä kotiin. Noh, ei voi mitään ja tulia näkyi riittävästi sinä iltana. 

Eero Karvinen - 26.1.2022 at 22.41 Report this

Komeata settiä ollut siellä!

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