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Starscape image - 31.1.2022 at 22.00 Kokkola Observation number 104345

Visibility III / V

The day off was known and although the wake-up call in the morning was 3pm, it looked cloudless when it looked cloudy as the northern lights also seemed reasonable. As for the northern lights, it was entirely up to the racks, and there was no more strange life besides the arch. Thus, the observation is marked as a landscape constellation.

The journey began a little differently, when we were the first to dig out another passing game by a local photographer whose terrain had run out and the journey had ended. After all, a decent photographer is the first to dig out a tripod, tune in to the camera and grab a couple of documentary images, after which they start thinking about removing the car. Yes, it left!

The actual location of the shooting, when reached, was found to be absent from the northern lights and a few star elves slammed. The weather was extremely raw by the sea, the thermometer reported -17 and the wind, though weak, was extremely raw.

The camera had to leave snapping pictures and go a short distance to the campfire to warm up. The hands were completely frozen. Three hours was enough for me and home, on my way home the northern lights got a little stronger, but even though I had been traveling by car for half an hour, my hands were still completely in place and instead of shooting, I decided to press the gas. At home, a glass of whiskey warmed up!

As I unpacked the pictures, I noticed that some slightly brighter starburst had caught the cell at the top of the picture. So dim that you can't go into a fireball. The time taken to take this picture is 22:00.

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Comments: 4 pcs
Mikko Peussa - 1.2.2022 at 21.31 Report this

Kiva havaintokertomus ja kyllä nuo kolme kuvaa myös revontulihavainnon kriteerit hyvin täyttää. Selkeä kaari kuitenkin kuvissa.

Tapio Lahtinen - 2.2.2022 at 08.47 Report this

Hienot kuvat ja kertomus.
Oliko jossain päin Harriniemen rantaa ?

Sami Mutka - 3.2.2022 at 11.05 Report this

Tapio, ei ollut. Tällä kertaa hiukan pohjoisempana, Lohtajan rannoille menossa. Tuo etusivun "uusimmat havainnot" -sivupalkki ei näytä toimivan, kun tällä hetkellä uusin havainto 30.1. Kuusamosta. Ajattelin, että tätä ei ole edes julkaistu, ennen kuin aloin eri välilehdiltä etsimään.

Timo Alanko - 6.2.2022 at 16.01 Report this

Taas toimii! Kiitoksia Emmalle.

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