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All-sky aurora - 14.3.2022 at 01.46 - 14.3.2022 at 01.47 Kajaani Observation number 105161

Visibility IV / V

Pekka Kokko, Kajaanin planeetta

In the evening, a message came from the children that the northern lights were visible in the sky. I felt a crack in the curtain, but I didn't see anything. Evening then the wife noticed a look at the zenith! The picture is from a meteor camera. There would be a lot of other handsome pictures, but this will replace them as well. Also included is an all-night show, the moon's 22-degree ring.

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Additional information
  • Aurora brightness
    • Bright auroras
  • Observed aurora forms
    • Corona info

      CoronaA corona is a hand fan shaped structure, it usually forms south of the observer's zenith, most commonly consisting of rays or bands. The corona is usually the most beautiful part of the aurora show. It is bright and active, but on the other hand also short-lived.

      Aurora corona. Photo by Anna-Liisa Sarajärvi.

      Aurora corona. Photo by Merja Ruotsalainen.

      Corona formed from bands. Photo by Markku Ruonala.

      Aurora corona. Photo by Tapio Koski.

  • Colors with unaided eye and other features
    • Green auroras info

      Green, seen with the naked eye, is one the most common colors of the aurora. The green color is derived from atomic oxygen.

      Green auroras. Lea Rahtu-Korpela.

      Green auroras. Photo by Juha Ojanperä.

Technical information

Raspberry pi HQ camera and Marshall lens.

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