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Sun - 10.7.2022 at 17.40 - 10.7.2022 at 21.05 Nummenmäki, Turku Observation number 107601

Visibility V / V

Petrus Kurppa, Turun Ursa

In the sun, it feels as if there are general exercises for the coming maximum. The large and mustache-like filaments look funny in the picture of the whole disc, but how incredibly beautiful and transparent they look when you look closer!

The shooting sessions on a cloudy and alternately sunny Sunday were divided into two parts. The first session included the Lunt60THa telescope and the ZWO ASI178MM. This camera is well suited for photographing the entire disk, as long as there are no large eruptions on both edges. Now, this was a bit of a challenge, so a mosaic of two images worked.

While processing the photos of the first session, I decided to try my luck with Quark. This was a good decision, because the seeing seemed to be exceptionally peaceful. In the configuration of the second shooting session, Daystar Quark Chromosphere, TS 80ED, ZWO ASI174MM. In addition to visible filaments and active areas, the discharge at the edge made a handsome cut. First, one image that gives a little feel for how the plasma falls back into the chromosphere. It was amazing to watch this on the computer screen as a climax of about 15-20 minutes. The show ended with the clouds passing in front of the sun and the trees in the neighbor's garden.

Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Sun
  • Seeing
    • Excellent
Technical information

Close-up: Quark Chromosphere, TS Optics 80ED f/7, ZWO ASI174MM, Rowan Astronomy Tilt adapter, 500 frame stack.

Full solar disk: Lunt60THa ST (single stack), ZWO ASI178MM, 400-frame stack.

As a stand, iOptron AZ Mount Pro.

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