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Bright night shining clouds - 5.8.2022 at 01.05 - 5.8.2022 at 02.24 Mikkeli Observation number 108126

Visibility I / V

Tero Sipinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The cottage yard is covered in all directions, and when I got a little tired, I didn't feel like looking at the night sky. However, a compelling need woke me up in the middle of my sleep, and when I poked my head out of the tent, I was positively surprised by the darkness and the number of stars. There was some brightness in the northern sky echoing through the forest, and when I walked to the road, which opens up a slightly better view to the northwest, it was confirmed that there are some night clouds there (picture 1). As I packed up a bit along the road, I got a little more visibility, and from there, surprisingly handsome luminous night clouds were revealed (picture 2). Nothing forced me to shoot a timelapse, but you can voluntarily take a timelapse of such fine clouds (picture 3). Or a couple: when the show started to fade away, I lengthened the focal length and aimed at the lowest belts hanging in the tree trunks (picture 4) and took a shot of them as well (picture 5).

When you compare Antti Taskinen's picture of Kokkola and Minna Gladi's picture of Kuopio , it becomes clear how limited my view was: I only saw maybe a quarter or a third of this play.

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Additional information
  • Havainto
    • Night shining clouds
  • Brightness of the noctilucent clouds
    • Bright night shining clouds
  • Cloud coverage in the sky
    • Very small area
  • Noctilucent clouds
    • Veil info

      The night cloud vail is a vague thin night shining cloud with no clear structure.

      Noctilucent cloud veil with one strong belt formation. Image by Veikko Mäkelä.

    • Band info

      Bands of noctilucent clouds are long, stripe like cloudformation.

      A single, very bright NLC band. Photo by Mikko Peussa.


      On the upper left corner, rising bands are clear on the image. Whereas waves of NLC cover the bottom right side of the image. Photo by Juha Tonttila.

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Minna Glad - 8.8.2022 at 11.35 Report this

Kiitos linkityksestä! Animaatiossa näkyy kiehtovasti pikkupilven kulku ja kehitys, oikein...valaisevaa!

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