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At least 5 lightning strikes seen - 19.8.2022 at 15.27 Raisio Observation number 108696

Visibility III / V

Already earlier in the afternoon, a wider front passed from the observation point to the west. However, a few glimpses stood out despite the distance. Later, a smaller cell passed over, momentarily offering plenty of water and several flashes.

I tried to video the latter case for a long time with the flash in mind. I recorded in slow motion at 240 fps. One eruption hit the image area, and then when watching it on the recording, several branches came off from it. In a live situation, that marking felt like a single flash with my own "sensors". Of course, the eyes were on the screen of the handset, so I only sensed that flash from the background.

The observation clips are still slowed down from the original, the first to half speed and the latter to 5% speed, so that you can get more details out of it. In addition, a few screenshots from the video. The rolling shutter was a problem in this case as well, the pre-flash phases were captured better.

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