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At least 10 lightning strikes seen - 22.7.2022 at 23.00 - 23.7.2022 at 01.30 Vesanto Observation number 108794

Visibility I / V

Emma Bruus, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

This storm-beating trip was a mess. The filming and bonging skills were badly rusty after several quiet years. Almost everything from the use of mosquito repellent, the lens cover to the garbage and the dropping of the camera in the sand came to light. Fortunately, the only thing I didn't screw up was safety.

I watched the lightning cell coming from the west from Rautalammi and started to make a request for the evening off. The idea was to make it to Vesanno and reach the lightning cell there. I jumped into the wheel and for a long time it seemed that this trip was going to be a complete bust.

But no. As we approached Vesanto, lightning began to appear on the horizon. I tried to find a corner of the field suitable for the car, where I could shoot. At this point, I really missed the map reader. I would pull over to the side of a random field and find out I was late. Figuring out the start had taken precious time and drops were already on my neck.

Nothing helped but to jerk open the trunk of the car and go there with the camera. I did a quick tail light based car review between Nissan's Qashqai and Note, with the latter winning. Somewhere water leaked into the trunk, so I sat in a puddle with a bunch of mosquitoes. Now. It didn't help to complain, because the lightning was impressive.

Then *blinkPUMRytyyyym* there was a bang right next to it. A bang followed the flash so quickly that I didn't even have time to form in my thoughts the first letter of an exorcism suitable for the situation. This crash had hit within a hundred meters of the car, if not dozens. The assessment of the quality of the plastic trim of the rear container and the gratitude towards the rubber wheels underneath improved in a fraction of a second.

I huddled in the tailgate until the rain subsided. A look at the rain radar of the storm forecasters revealed that there was a series of three thunderstorm cells between Vesanto and Rautalampi. I might also have time to see the remains of the other two if I went around the other side of Niinivesi back to Rautalammi.

I would play Dj Orion 's broadcast and nature would take care of the light show. The mood would have been downright diamond-like, if the weak state of consciousness had not twisted the expression from time to time into a grimace of horror. The lightning was steady in front, although it was raining sometimes so that it was difficult to see the road even at speeds of 40 km/h. The latter cells were not left with a photo gallery due to the pressure of the clock and the lack of suitable stopping places. But this was still the best thunder set in the previous five years .

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Comments: 3 pcs
Eero Karvinen - 24.8.2022 at 22.21 Report this

Komeita salamoita!

Ritva Reinilä - 24.8.2022 at 22.48 Report this

Kiitos Emma niin komeista kuvista kuin seikkailutekstistäsi, jota tuo googlen käännösautomaatti kyllä aikalailla kaltoinkohteli! Ja kohtelee kaikkia muitakin tekstejä, havaintoja ja kommentteja! Mut saatoin hyvin kuvitella siun salamajahtauksen!

Pirjo Koski - 27.8.2022 at 13.09 Report this

jäätävä tarina ja kuvat! Et oo pahasti ruosteessa! 

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