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Jupiter - 4.10.2022 at 23.08 - 4.10.2022 at 23.15 Vantaa, Pähkinärinne Observation number 109771

Visibility III / V

Paula Wirtanen, Ursa (Helsinki)

For once, at the right time, clear air and quite decent seeing. Jupiter lived its own life and after a break of a good month I was happy to see it again with the help of a telescope.

The NEB (that is, the North Equatorial Belt) was the most distinct and dominant detail. There were bulges and darkening, the color was slightly reddish. A small darkening stood out at the edge of the NPR (North Pole Region).

The SEB (that is, the Southern Equatorial Belt, the one with the Great Red Dot near it) has, based on the observations, lived quite a bit from very dark to almost imperceptible during this observation period, as it did this time. The variation in the darkness and thickness of the belt is influenced by the light cloud mass of the belts above. Sometimes the SEB stands out clearly, other times (like this time) it is slightly more obscured by the upper ammonia clouds.

SEB was really only distinguished by the edge, the entire southern half of Jupiter was (as shown in the drawing) uniformly gray and the intermediate zones were not distinguished.

A large red dot had appeared from behind the edge, however, it was not quite as clearly distinguished as in the drawing, but rather colorless and faint. The contrast of the spot was actually better at 60x magnification than at the 150x I normally use, and even at this lower magnification the difference in brightness of the belts was very clearly visible. With 250x magnification, Jupiter became quite a blur and did not distinguish any more details.

Figure 1 observation drawing (south at the top). image 2 scan of the observation card (it is worth noting the difference in air directions using an angle prism).

Central Meridians:
System I 67°
System II 340°
System III 273°

Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Jupiter
  • Seeing
    • Average
Technical information

M127/1500 (Sky-Watcher Skymax-127) & 10mm. Hobby group drawing observation card, NASA pencil.

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