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Other special clouds - 12.11.2022 at 11.53 - 12.11.2022 at 12.53 Ilmajoki Observation number 110712

Visibility IV / V

Mauri Korpi, Lakeuden Ursa

Very quickly, I tried to get my mobile phone ready to shoot, when I noticed a typical horseshoe swirl against the blue sky. I managed to take a few pictures of it. Satisfied, I continued my journey along the forest path when I spotted the second and after some time even the third. The conditions seemed to be favorable for their birth. But an hour after the first sighting, there were 3 of these in the sky at the same time!

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  • Other special clouds
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      A horseshoe vortex cloud occurs when an upward flow in the atmosphere collides with a horizontally moving air mass. This may cause a horizontally rotating vortex. If moisture condenses in the vortex into cloud droplets, a very rare upside-down U-shaped cloud shape can be observed. Often such a vortex is only visible for a very short time, perhaps a few tens of seconds or minutes.

      Typically, horseshoe clouds are said to be visible in the vicinity of supercellular storms, as they are associated with very strong upflows and wind torsions that are conducive to the formation of a vortex. Yet this cloud shape is observed just in conjunction with conventional Cumulus clouds and sometimes even very far from them against a completely blue sky. To detect this cloud, you should therefore be careful whenever cumulus cloud is generated as a result of upflows.

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Lasse Nurminen - 12.11.2022 at 23.03 Report this

 Hieno tilanne tuo viimeinen kuva!

Mikko Peussa - 13.11.2022 at 02.07 Report this

Hieno havainto. Kerralla kolme, kun itsellä ei vielä yhtään listalla.

Matti Helin - 13.11.2022 at 12.15 Report this


Marko Myllyniemi - 13.11.2022 at 14.15 Report this

Yksi oli vielä näkyvissä kahden jälkeenkin kun olin ajamassa Ilmajoelta kohti Kurikkaa, ja oli yllättävän pitkäkestoinen. Ainoa harmi oli, ettei ollut pitkäputkista kameraa matkassa mukana.

Mauri Korpi - 13.11.2022 at 20.01 Report this

Kiitos kommenteista! Itsellekin ensimmäinen havainto pyörteestä. Joskus ehkä jonkun epämääräisen nähnyt. Yllätyksenä tuli ja varsinkin kun näin monta heti kerralla.

Jari Luomanen - 17.11.2022 at 00.09 Report this

Kolme samaan kuvaan ei ole ihan jokapäiväistä herkkua, upea havainto! 

Mauri Korpi - 17.11.2022 at 12.10 Report this

Kiitos Jari, taitaa tosiaan olla aika harvinaista. Kauan on saanut kytätä että näki edes ensimmäisen.

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