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Diffuse glow - 22.10.2022 at 19.50 - 22.10.2022 at 20.45 Porvoo Observation number 110924

Visibility I / V

Atte Ahola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

A strong solar storm had been predicted that day and the satellites had measured it. Unfortunately, Cloudiness covered a large part of the country, but we still went to look for an opening in the clouds. Some kind of opening was found and the lights glowed dimly overhead, partly also in the southern sky for a while. At the time, red stood out as the southernmost of all in the pictures. I had just read in the magazine stars and space about the newly studied form of aurora borealis, RAGDA.

It occurred to me that that could be it when I looked at the pictures at home. It was unfortunate, though, that Cloudiness and severe light pollution when the picture of the phenomenon is in the direction of Porvoo (west-southwest), so it doesn't stand out very well.

For the first time during my riding hobby, the lights rose overhead here in southern Finland, albeit dimly without clear shapes. #edge

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    • Stable Auroral Red (SAR) arc info

      The Stable Auroral Red arcs (SAR arcs)  are usually clearly distanced to the south from the aurora oval and is a very opaque and normally red ribbon. In most cases SAR arcs are only visible in the photo or on the liveview screen of the SLR camera. Using a camera with very high sensitivity is the best method for capturing these faint arcs. The arch usually settles between east and west.

      A stable red arc of aurora is a rare phenomenon. In some rare occasions, several SAR arcs may be simultaneously visible.

      The first SAR arcs of the Skywarden were observed on nights between November 3-4. and 4-5. days in 2015 in the latitudes of central Finland.   

      SAR arc photographed by Lasse Nurminen 2018. Observation of the Skywarden 79113.

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