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A fireball at night, brighter than the venus - 7.12.2022 at 01.00 Mustasaari Observation number 110941

Visibility III / V

Hi, I haven't thought about reporting these before, but my brother and an acquaintance of mine are more into "stargazing". They told about this possibility. This is probably the so-called norm. shooting star. I looked at the star chart on the computer and noticed that Uranus could be seen if the full moon did not interfere with visibility. First I looked at the moon and Mars on the left, then I tried to get Uranus on the right side of the moon in the binoculars. Then I saw this shooting star in the binoculars and it was a great experience. Seen many times with the naked eye, but the first time through binoculars. KLO time can be thrown away when I spent time outside and finally on the computer researching this announcement thing. The watch was not on the hand outside. I'll have to remember this time next time if I want to report something. Oh yeah, there was no sound. The area of our cabin was also completely quiet this late. The sky was clear but a few clouds on the north side. Around the moon also the HALO phenomenon in a full circle. Now I'm off to the country :-)

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Additional information
  • Accuracy of the given observation time?
    • 15 min difference possible
  • How long time did you see the fireball fly in the sky?
    • 1 second
  • How the flight of the fireball ended?
    • The fireball disappeared suddenly
  • Brightness of the fireball
    • A fireball at night, brighter than the Venus
  • In which direction the fireball disappeared out of sight?
    • Southwest
  • In which altitude the bolide disappeared from your sight?
    • About half way between the horizon and the zenith
Comments: 2 pcs
Timo Alanko - 7.12.2022 at 16.23 Report this

Minulla oli kamera nakuttamassa timelapsea Kuusta ilmeisesti MELKEIN oikeaan suuntaan tai sitten kamera piti parin sekunnin taukonsa kuvien juuri väärällä hetkellä :( Ei näy kuvasarjassani. 

Timo Alanko - 7.12.2022 at 17.15 Report this

Ko 23.20 näkyy kuvissa pyyhkäisy lähellä Jupiteria.

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