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Active aurora band - 1.1.2023 at 20.30 - 1.1.2023 at 23.00 Kokkola Observation number 111257

Visibility III / V

The year 2023 started with cloudless weather. After a couple of days of rain, almost the entire landscape had turned gray and ugly, and even the aurora borealis forecasts didn't promise very bad fires. At most the arc was to be expected, besides the moon loomed at 70% of its size, illuminating the landscape. A choice had to be made, whether to heat up the sauna or head outside into the strong wind. It wasn't an easy choice, but I had to visit it to photograph the first aurora borealis of the year.

Well, once again it was worth pulling yourself up from the corner of the sofa and going out into the fresh air. Arriving at the first bonga site, a barely visible arch stood out. After taking a few test photos, the arc started to come to life and quite a lot of clear red light above the green. After describing for a while, I decided to change the place. However, while walking along the tall trees, I got the idea of photographing myself in the bird tower with a slightly longer 35 mm focal length. When I got to the tower, it lit up! Amazing dance of northern lights in the sky. After a while of describing, they quieted down and it was time to change places.

After a couple of pictures taken on the way, there wasn't much life in the sky at the second shooting location, so maybe it was here. Shots for the car and home. But if along the way you take a few more pictures of the familiar Ohtakari cottages. Immediately after I opened it, the northern sky was dancing in the northern sky. The departure home was late again. The pictures weren't terribly taken, but the sky was admired all the more. In the final stage, the northern lights were quite a mess filling the northern sky, sometimes even rising close to the zenith.

When I got home after midnight, it was time for a warm sauna, a cold beer and going through the pictures! An absolutely wonderful start to the year 2023. It's rare to say that I've photographed the northern lights every night of the year, and not a single night of the year has been cloudy! I hope the year continues with equally festive signs!

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