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Other special clouds - 10.3.2023 at 09.16 - 10.3.2023 at 09.19 Saarijärvi Observation number 113554

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I've been wondering if I even dare to post this stupid thing here :D 10.3 was a windy day and the clouds were moving a lot and at high speed. There were only a few clouds at the time of these pictures. I had planned to take pictures of the color clouds. Then I noticed a weird looking cloud. I thought I'd wait until it got close to the sun so I could get a great shot. After all, it didn't stay together, but also experienced a change in shape. The sun was already too bright for the photo to have been successful. In the second picture you can see a "face" cloud at the top :D as in my cloud pictures in general. These pictures should then be put in different groups. We were told together that this might be a "horseshoe" cloud. Lately there have been many kinds of clouds and at different heights. It's interesting to follow them too :) I'll put this in special clouds when I couldn't find another place. Ps. I got some color clouds photographed later in the day. The most interesting part of the pictures here is the modification of the clouds. It is not part of the observations here, but from the beginning of the week I saw and got wonderful pictures of "fibrous" clouds. A strong westerly wind carried a small shimmering white cloud high up, which then formed moving threads. Really beautiful. That's a new topic for me to follow :D

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  • Other special clouds
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      A horseshoe vortex cloud occurs when an upward flow in the atmosphere collides with a horizontally moving air mass. This may cause a horizontally rotating vortex. If moisture condenses in the vortex into cloud droplets, a very rare upside-down U-shaped cloud shape can be observed. Often such a vortex is only visible for a very short time, perhaps a few tens of seconds or minutes.

      Typically, horseshoe clouds are said to be visible in the vicinity of supercellular storms, as they are associated with very strong upflows and wind torsions that are conducive to the formation of a vortex. Yet this cloud shape is observed just in conjunction with conventional Cumulus clouds and sometimes even very far from them against a completely blue sky. To detect this cloud, you should therefore be careful whenever cumulus cloud is generated as a result of upflows.

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Maritta Kinnunen - 20.3.2023 at 12.53 Report this

Noloa,että se siis oikeasti oli harvinainen pilvi. Näin nimittäin iltapäivällä kauniimpia ja suurempia.Kaksi kulki peräkkäin. Olivat ohuempia. Alaosa kapeni hieman ja aivan juuressa oli pienet sivulle kääntyvät osat. Ne näytti enemmänkin hevosen kengiltä. Ehdin seurata jonkun aikaa mutta menivät pahasti puun taakse ja sieltä suuntasivat lievästi etelää kohti ja hajosivat. Tässä näkyvien kuvien jälkeen ei mennyt puolta tuntia kuin taivas oli täysin pilvinen. Oli tosiaan niin kovaa tuulta että tilanteet vaihteli nopeasti.

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