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Rocket-related clouds - 23.3.2023 at 20.25 Ikaalinen, Sisättö Observation number 113759

Visibility V / V

Heidi Rikala, Ursa (Helsinki)

I had just managed to set up the camera for shooting the northern lights, and suddenly I noticed such balls of light lighting up one by one in the sky. They glowed red for a while and then turned blue. I wasn't at all aware of what phenomenon it was - and the thought took off. However, I decided to photograph them as much as possible. Later it turned out that there was no danger, but that they were rockets launched from Kiruna. It was a barium cloud experiment. For a long time, the blue glow lingered in the sky, and next to them came violet rays, like aurora borealis. An interesting phenomenon.

#raketti: IM/IO (Improved Malemute Improved Orion)

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  • Havainto
    • Rocket-related clouds
  • Cloud coverage in the sky
    • Very small area
  • Rocket launch
    • Barium cloud info

      Barium clouds have very rarely been seen in the sky during rocket launches. Typically a space organization has done an experiment in which a barium cloud is released into the upper atmosphere.


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