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Diffuse glow - 25.3.2023 at 23.00 - 26.3.2023 at 00.00 Nurmes Observation number 113801

Visibility I / V

Proton aurora borealis in the southern sky. These are formed when the fast plasma of the substorm plunges into the inner magnetosphere. In the region of the ring current, the pre-existing cold and dense plasma reacts with the hot, kinetically energetic plasma to form EMIC waves. The EMIC waves then cause the protons to plunge into the upper atmosphere, and thus diffuse, slightly blue-refracting patches are formed in a significantly southern location compared to the normal oval. The light streak in the picture is, on the other hand, artificial light. #diffuusi

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      Form not identifiable
      Sometimes auroras have to be observed in such poor conditions that it is not possible to reliably identify the shape even if for example the structure and conditions could be recognized. Such a situation could be the outcome of for example alight background sky, cloud cover or a covered horizon.

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Terhi Törmälä - 26.3.2023 at 00.58 Report this

Hieno havainto! Sinertävän värin todella näkee kuvasta. Näkyikö paljain silmin? 

Emma Bruus - 26.3.2023 at 12.05 Report this

Hieno! Koititko rääkätä kuvaa josko läiskien takaa paljastuisi punaista? Varovaisesti olisin STEVE-kiinnostunut tuosta oikeasta kaaresta, mutta olisi kiva jos sama näkyisi jossain muussa havainnossa. Funtsaillaan

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