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Arcus cloud - 13.8.2013 at 20.05 - 13.8.2013 at 20.33 Kihniö Observation number 16978

Visibility IV / V

Esa Palmi, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Sometimes a hobby can come as a positive surprise. That’s why hobbies probably exist. Until the evening, this (even) day had provided bustling, once rolling small clouds. And in the light of the forecasts, nothing else was to be expected. But, watching the athletics in the evening and at the same time blinking from the window of the parents ’cabin, the developing mosses began to look suspiciously dark. When it got out, the developing cloud flashed the first ground lightning and the sky began to have plasticity. One that, when developed, would be good to get to the front edge.

This time, without following the radar echo, I guided the clouds towards Kihniö, when the sight developed in the rearview mirrors required a place to shoot. Eventually, one was found at the bus stop at Nisko. The creature had already dripped ground lightning more than it had even imagined all day to hear the rumbles. The only annoying place was that the most active lightning phase was beginning to be over, but an avalanche cloud appearing on the scale of this summer had formed in the area of the arcuate echo at the leading edge. The worst part was in the middle of the forest alone, so no information is available about possible gusts or devastation.

At the stop, as I photographed for a moment, a local host arrived at the scene. Naturally asked if there are any concerns with the car because there is a flash mobile below.

As the sun partially shone behind him, a cloud of reflection was also visible in the cloud. This was helped by the Nerkoojärvi located behind. Rainbow in more detail in the second observation:

Fortunately, in the midst of a miserable thunderstorm as a whole, there was even one positive surprise.

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Comments: 9 pcs
Mikko Peussa - 14.8.2013 at 02.02 Report this

Komea on pilvi! Hyvä kontrasti kuvissa.

Emma Bruus - 14.8.2013 at 10.32 Report this

Todella näyttävä otus/otos!

Jari Luomanen - 14.8.2013 at 10.32 Report this

Hienot kuvat tosiaan. Kyllä Ooppeli vie luotettavasti seikkailuihin! :)

Esa Palmi - 14.8.2013 at 11.44 Report this

Aurinko paistoi suoraan selän takaa, joten kontrasti tosiaan on kunnossa. Opel ei petä koskaan!

Marja Wallin - 14.8.2013 at 14.31 Report this

Komeat kuvat ja tosiaan kuten mainittu, hieno kontrasti. :) Ja mitä taas tulee Opeliin, ei petä joo. Se vaan syttyy palamaan kesken ajon. Kuten mulle kävi yhden moisen kanssa lauantaina. :P

Esa Palmi - 14.8.2013 at 14.35 Report this

Tuossa vielä auton kamerasta nopeutettuna ja liian monta kertaa pakattuna:,+pilvet,+myrskyt..../2013/Elokuu/13.8/Vyory.wmv

Jani-Heikki Jaakkola - 14.8.2013 at 22.27 Report this

Hieno kuvasarja vyörypilvestä ja yhdyn myös edellisiin kommentteihin, että valo ja kontrasti osunut nappiin:)

Olli Halme - 14.8.2013 at 23.59 Report this

On kyllä hieno !

Markku Siljama - 15.8.2013 at 21.35 Report this

Upeita kuvia,nätti pilvi

t: yx opelisti:)

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