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A fireball at night, as bright as a full moon - 10.9.2013 at 02.06 Varkaus Observation number 18214

Visibility V / V

Veli-Pekka Hentunen, Warkauden Kassiopeia

Last night 10.9. at 02.06 an exceptionally strong fireball flashed above the Härkämäki observatory. Its brightness was in the order of a full moon. Seen from Härkämäki, the object exploded to the south at an altitude of about 45 degrees in the constellation of Pisces. The target arrived from the direction of the constellation of Perseus and left a tread about 30 degrees long before the explosion. There was still a large cloud of smoke in the sky for about 25 minutes. In the pictures taken by Ursa from Mikkeli, the same fireball can be seen in the north direction, behind Otava! The target has probably been between Varkaus and Mikkeli, because it was visible in Härkämäki to the south and in the constellation of Pisces near the star of gamma Pegasus.

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Additional information
  • Accuracy of the given observation time?
    • Maximum of 1 minutes difference possible
  • How long time did you see the fireball fly in the sky?
    • 1 second
  • In which direction the fireball disappeared out of sight?
    • South
  • In which altitude the bolide disappeared from your sight?
    • About half way between the horizon and the zenith
  • Brightness in magnitudes
    • -10
  • Brightness of the fireball
    • A fireball at night, as bright as a full moon
Technical information

Härkämäki Observatory Starlight Xpress Oculus allsky camera, exposure 40 seconds

Comments: 5 pcs
Marja Wallin - 10.9.2013 at 20.07 Report this

Hienoa, että uudella kameralla alkaa tulla havaintoja tänne Vahtiinkin. :) Komean tulipallon olette napannut.

Jari Luomanen - 10.9.2013 at 20.07 Report this

Todella hurja tapaus! Liki puoli tuntia kestävä savuvana ei ole ihan jokapäiväinen juttu.

Aki Taavitsainen - 10.9.2013 at 20.32 Report this

Hienosti olette saaneet talteen. Tarkennuksena yllä olevaan kertomukseen, että tämä on siis sama kuin itäkameramme tapaus, ei tämä pohjoisen suunnassa näkyvä tapaus, kuten kertomuksessa mainitaan.

Tapio Lahtinen - 10.9.2013 at 20.38 Report this

Onpas hieno ilmestys ja näkyypä kamerassa Linnunratakin tosi hyvin.

Harri Haukka - 13.9.2013 at 14.34 Report this

Ja tässä muuten video ko. tulipallosta. Videolta voi hyvin seurata savuvanan kehitystä.

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