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IC 1805 + Melotte 15 - 15.9.2013 at 00.00 Hyvinkää Observation number 19802

Visibility III / V

Timo Inkinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

In late September, I photographed for two nights (September 14-September 15, 2013 + September 24-September 25, 2013) the central area of Heart Nebula (IC1805), where the open constellation of Melotte 15 also resides. The angle of view of my imaging tube from the sky is about 40'x30 ', so the wider Heart Nebula was now almost completely out of the field of view (only this downtown nebula was left behind the constellation). The processing of the image into the final image has been delayed for various reasons, but let me end up getting this in roughly the look I want. The total exposure time of the image is 6h 38min.

Editing 8/20/2014:

The original processing of this image was left engraved for about a year, and when I finally got myself crouched at the computer to learn new image processing tricks, the end result surprised myself. More on this subject forum:

Thus, the same output data is the same in both images, so from this newer image you can see how much the image processing has an effect on these constellations.

Modified on 31.12.2014

I "borrowed" Ha data for 14x10min and did the third and last reprocessing for the item :-)

More about this here:

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Deep space object
  • Designation
    • IC 1805 + Melotte 15
    • Keskitaso
Technical information

GSO 10 "Ritchey Chretie imaging tube (AP CCD67 with abbreviation) and QSI 583ws CCD camera. Gemini G41 Obs + pole stand with autoguation. Partial exposures used in the picture: B 4x8min + 6x8min = 80min = 150min

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