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Half-sky auroras - 12.9.2014 at 23.50 Oulu, Yli-Ii Observation number 30277

Visibility IV / V

The solar storm that brought the x-flare from the sun kept its promise and I got to watch a great show that started as soon as it was dark enough around 9.45pm. Then there was a break and shortly after 23.30 there were great northern lights and crowns for less than 45 minutes. After that, dimmer northern lights. The picture shows how the Corona rises from the horizon and the moment after that it was up.

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  • Aurora brightness
    • Bright auroras
  • Observed aurora forms
    • Rays info

      The raysare parallel to the lines of force of the magnetic field, i.e. quite vertical, usually less than one degree thick light streaks. The rays can occur alone or in connection with other shapes, mainly with arcs and bands. Short rays are usually brightest at the bottom but dim quickly. The longest rays, even extending almost from the horizon to the zenith, are usually uniformly bright and quite calm, and unlike the shorter rays, most often occur in groups of a few rays or alone. Rays, like bands, are a very typical form of aurora.

      Artificial light pillars, which are a halo phenomenon visible in ice mist, can sometimes be very similar to the rays of aurora. Confusion is possible especially when the lamps that cause the artificial light pillars are far away and not visible behind buildings or the forest. The nature of the phenomenon is clear at least from the photographs.

      Rays. Picture of Tom Eklund.

      Rays. Photo by Mika Puurula.

      Two beams rise from the aurora veil. Photo by Anssi Mäntylä.

      Two radial bands. Show Jani Lauanne.

      Radial band and veil. Photo by Jussi Alanenpää.

      Two rays. Photo by Aki Taavitsainen.

      It may be possible to confuse such rays with artificial light columns. Compare the image below. Picture of Tom Eklund.

      There is no aurora in this image, but all the light poles - including the wide and diffuse bar seen at the top left - are artificial light pillars born of ice mist. Photo by Sami Jumppanen.

      Aurora and artificial light pillars. All the radial shapes in the picture above are probably artificial light pillars that coincide appropriately with the aurora band. In the image below, the aurora band has shifted and does not overlap with the pillars produced by the orange bulbs. There is no orange in auroras. Photo by Katariina Roiha

    • Band info

      Bands are usually narrower, more twisty at the bottom, brighter, and more active than arches. Bands usually develop from arches.

      Bands can form J and U shapes, sometimes even full spirals. The corona can also arise from bands. Bands are a fairly common form of aurora.

      Aurora band. Photo by Merja Ruotsalainen.

      Aurora band. Photo by Matias Takala.

      Aurora band. Photo by Lea Rahtu-Korpela.

      Aurora bands. Photo by Lauri Koivuluoma.

      Aurora band. Photo by Matias Takala.

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Janne Kari - 15.9.2014 at 23.03 Report this

Jäätävän hieno kuva, ihan älyttömän hyvä. Jälleen, Thomas!

Raija Ollikainen - 16.9.2014 at 01.03 Report this

Ohmanno, Thomas... Wieder so ein Prachtstück von dir! Ich kann nur staunen: ich lebe hier seit eh und je, und dann kommt jemand aus dem tiefen Süden und findet in meiner Heimatstadt und in der nahen Umgebung so wunderschöne, für mich unbekannte Orte, wo man Polarlichter fotografieren kann, ohne nach Lappland zu reisen zu brauchen. Hut ab! :)

Jesse Kyytinen - 16.9.2014 at 13.52 Report this

Kommentoin tähän kätevästi yhdellä sanalla sekä saksaksi että suomeksi:


Thomas Kast - 16.9.2014 at 21.13 Report this

Raija, der aus dem tiefen Süden schlägt sich halt so manche Nacht draussen in der Wildnis um die Ohren. Die Einheimischen schlafen da meist! Ja, nach Lappland muss man nicht unbedingt, hier in Oulu ist es schon recht ok :)

Thomas Kast - 16.9.2014 at 21.13 Report this

Jesse, selvä :) Kiitos!

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