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NGC 3718 - 21.3.2015 at 20.33 - 22.3.2015 at 02.26 Hyvinkää Observation number 36848

Visibility III / V

Timo Inkinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The picture shows an interesting area from the constellation of the Big Bear. The brightest galaxy in this field is NGC 3718 and the adjacent NGC 3729 are interacting galaxies. The gravitational effects of these two shape the shapes of galaxies out of the ordinary. Above this pair is a similar cluster of five galaxies called Hickson 56. Also in this distant group, galaxies interact with each other. You can read more about this area in the Universe Today online article here:

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Deep space object
  • Designation
    • NGC 3718
    • Keskitaso
  • Constellation
    • Ursa Major
  • Brightness in magnitudes
    • 10.5
  • Field of view
  • 40 arc minutes
  • Darkness
    • Good
  • Limiting magnitude
    • 5
  • Galaxies
    • Galaxy cluster info

      In a galaxy cluster there are tens or hundreds of galaxies. Typically a moderate big instrument is needed to see galaxy clusters.


      The galaxy cluster Hickson 44 in Leo in composed of four galaxies. Image Timo Inkinen.

    • Active galaxy info

      The active galaxy OJ 287 in Cancer. This active galaxy includes the biggest known black hole. Image Arto Oksanen.

    • Irregular galaxy info

      Irregular galaxy is a stellar system without clear organized structure.

      Irregular galaxy IC 10 in Cassiopeia. Image Rauno Päivinen.

      Large Magellanic Cloud is the third nearest galaxy. Image Toni Veikkolainen.

Technical information

Captured with a 10 "RCT telescope and QSI 583ws CCD camera. LRGB image with 6x15min partial exposures in each color channel and these become a total of 6h total exposure for this image.

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