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Clearly visible night shining clouds - 17.8.2015 at 00.30 - 17.8.2015 at 02.00 Oulu, Nallikarin uimaranta Observation number 41161

Visibility III / V

Here is a separate observation of night clouds. So night biking was really worth it, my husband and I saw two northern lights and as a bonus even more illuminating night clouds! I got to photograph the night clouds for the first time and when the northern lights came along, a really satisfied photographer was found on the beach of Nallikari. The next time you would bring it with the camera tripod, these pictures were taken by hand. The night clouds appeared bright in a small area of just over an hour as they rose higher and spread wider, the brightness weakened (we moved closer to the center ourselves at about 01.30, so increased light pollution could of course also weaken the brightness of the phenomenon for us). The last glance at the sky at 02, when there were still faint night clouds higher in the sky.

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Additional information
  • Havainto
    • Night shining clouds
  • Cloud coverage in the sky
    • Very small area
  • Noctilucent clouds
    • Band info

      Bands of noctilucent clouds are long, stripe like cloudformation.

      A single, very bright NLC band. Photo by Mikko Peussa.


      On the upper left corner, rising bands are clear on the image. Whereas waves of NLC cover the bottom right side of the image. Photo by Juha Tonttila.

    • Veil info

      The night cloud vail is a vague thin night shining cloud with no clear structure.

      Noctilucent cloud veil with one strong belt formation. Image by Veikko Mäkelä.

  • Brightness of the noctilucent clouds
    • Clearly visible night shining clouds
Technical information

Nikon D5100, AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm

Comments: 3 pcs
Raija Ollikainen - 17.8.2015 at 15.31 Report this

Voi että on mahtavia kuvia, kertakaikkiaan! Ihmeen vakaa käsi on kuvaajalla ollut, kun tähdistä ei ole yhtään mennyt viiruiksi, minulla ei onnistuisi. ;) Oli varmasti hieno pyöräilyreissu, kun Hietasaaressa ja rannassa on pimeämpää.

Markku Ruonala - 17.8.2015 at 16.59 Report this

Hienot kuvat yökkösistä ja reposista. Etelässä sai nauttia vain reposista, taitaa olla yökköskausi täällä ohi.

Heli Kesti - 17.8.2015 at 23.10 Report this

Kiitos :) Eipä sitä ole osannut edes haaveilla saavansa nämä samaan kuvaan! Kerrankin oltiin oikeassa paikassa oikeaan aikaan. Vissiin sitä niin hengitystä pidätellen ihasteli maisemia että kamerakin vakaantui :D

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