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IC 1805 - 12.9.2015 at 01.00 Mikkeli Observation number 42641

Visibility III / V

Pictured IC 1805 Heart Nebula. Located at night time thus fall almost directly above. The location of the subject brought some additional challenges to the preparations for the shooting, such as aligning the image area and searching for a tracking star from an awkward position (camera screens almost directly toward the ground). In addition, it had to be ensured that the tripod did not "drive" the camera into the tripod structures later at night.

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Deep space object
  • Designation
    • IC 1805
    • Keskitaso
  • Constellation
    • Cassiopeia
  • Nebulae
    • Emission nebula info

      In an emission nebula the hot stars nearby cause the gas glow. This should not mix with reflection nebula, where the gas is only lit up by nearby stars.

      The appearance of a gas nebula is irregular, and the fainter parts of it need bigger instruments to be visible.


      Emssion nebulae in Cepheus. The bigger part is composed of the nebulae Cederblad 214 (Ced214) and NGC 7822. The lower round nebula is called Sharpless 170 (Sh2-170). Image J-P Metsävainio.


      The Orion nebula. Image Samuli Vuorinen.


      In this 4-degree-field there are emission nebulae Sh2-157, Sh2-158, Sh2-159, Sh2-161 and Sh2-162 (or NGC 7635 aka Bubble Nebula) and open clusters M52 and NGC 7510. Image Juha Kepsu.


      NGC 281 aka Pacman Nebula. The object is in Cassiopeia. Image J-P Metsävainio.


      NGC 896 in Cassiopeia is the tip of Heart Nebula (IC 1805). Image Timo Inkinen.

Technical information

RGB 26x10 min, 30 Flat, 16 Dark. MaximDL, PixInsight. TS PHOTOLINE 102mm f / 5.5 Flatfield APO, Canon 5D Mark II, Astronomical CLS-CCD Clip Filter, Guiding System: 70mm f / 7 Refractor + Skywatcher, SynGuider, Mount: Celestron AVX

Comments: 2 pcs
Sami Jumppanen - 30.9.2015 at 10.03 Report this

Hyvin on valoa irronnut!

Petri Kiukas - 2.10.2015 at 11.41 Report this

Kiitos, tein samaisesta havainnosta uuden version hubble paletissa. Siihen kerätty SII suotimella hieman lisää valoa. Löytyy täältä taivaanvahdista sekin.

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