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All-sky aurora - 7.10.2015 at 20.30 - 8.10.2015 at 02.30 Oulu, Haukipudas Observation number 43787

Visibility V / V

Quite as soon as it was dark enough the warps appeared in the sky. Getting out of the stray lights, he only realized how magnificent the northern lights in the sky warped. Very bright arches went through the sky, a little to the south. At the beginning of the night there was not much activity to the north. Later appeared everywhere and a few Korona landed. At ten o'clock there were strong northern lights in the north. Moved really fast and the clear red / pink was below the green as shown in one picture. Sorry for the typos.

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Additional information
  • Aurora brightness
    • Bright auroras
  • Colors with unaided eye and other features
    • Streaming auroras info

      Streaming. In streaming aurora fast irregular variations in brightness occur along the horizontal dimension of homogeneous shapes.

    • Flaming auroras info

      Flaming. This rare subclass of aurora does not mean so much a single shape, but a large area in the sky. In the flaming aurora, bright waves that are sweeping upward towards the magnetic zenith emerge in the sky. Very rarely waves can wipe downwards. Bands are usually reported during flaming, less often spots.

    • Red coloration of the shapes lower edge info

      Red lower edge visible with the naked eye. The bands which are starting to level up their activity and are green colored have quite often a narrow red lower edge. This is the most common form of red color which is derived from molecular nitrogen.

      Aurora band with purple lower edge. Photo by Ilmo Kemppainen.

      The low hanging brightest aurora band is colored red at the lower edge. Photo by Tero Ohranen.

      Narrow purple reddish tones at the lower part of this aurora band. Photo by Merja Ruotsalainen.

      Purple band at the bottom. Photo by Panu Lahtinen.

    • Green auroras info

      Green, seen with the naked eye, is one the most common colors of the aurora. The green color is derived from atomic oxygen.

      Green auroras. Lea Rahtu-Korpela.

      Green auroras. Photo by Juha Ojanperä.

    • Violet auroras info

      Usually in Lapland or even in the south you can see purple auroras in stronger aurora shows. The most common color in auroras along with green and red.

  • Observed aurora forms
    • ;Form not identifiable;Veil;Rays;Corona;Arc
Comments: 9 pcs
Raija Ollikainen - 8.10.2015 at 15.04 Report this

Brauchste überhaupt nix "pahoitella", Thomas! Deine Fotos sind wunderschön und Dein Finnisch unmissverständlich - Respekt! :)

Thomas Kast - 8.10.2015 at 15.07 Report this

Danke, Raija. Dein Deutsch ist um Längen besser :)

Raija Ollikainen - 8.10.2015 at 15.15 Report this

Danke, Thomas! :)  Hab ja 7 Jahren Deutsch in der berühmten finnischen Schule gelernt - und außerdem vorgestern Abend mit einem Deiner Kollegen geübt und deswegen die vorgestrigen Polarlichter verpasst! ;) 

Merja Ruotsalainen - 8.10.2015 at 17.35 Report this

Upeita kuten aina! :)

Thomas Kast - 8.10.2015 at 18.46 Report this

Raija, ich bin schon 16 Jahre hier und mein Finnisch noch wackelig. Heut abend soll es wieder Polarlichter geben, also kein deutsch lernen ;-)

Thomas Kast - 8.10.2015 at 18.47 Report this

Kiitos Merja, sama pätee sinun kuville :)

Raija Ollikainen - 8.10.2015 at 21.03 Report this

@ Thomas - ois kloar! Minulla on kyllä aika paha ongelma, kun valokuvaamistaitoni on vielä hyvin wackelig. :D

Aki Karjalainen - 8.10.2015 at 21.37 Report this

Tuon kakkoskuvan sommitelma on loistava! Kaikki elementit kohdallaan.

Thomas Kast - 10.10.2015 at 21.11 Report this

Kiitos Aki. On tämä aina vaikea kun ne revontulet ei suostuu pysyä paikalleen :) :)

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