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Rare halos - 13.12.2015 at 20.18 Rovaniemi Observation number 46418

Visibility IV / V

A tile play with a crystal sample photographed on the bank of the Kemijoki River with a fairer negative lamp.

Image 1 is a stack of 6 images from the same time (20: 18-20: 22) as the crystal images.

Image 2 is a single 30-second exposure of the best stage of the play a little later (20:40).

The remaining images of the crystal sample collected at 20:16 to 20:25. Admittedly, in dense crystal clouds, crystals still appear on the glass as they are photographed. Again, the last crystal image was taken at 20:46.

Figure 3. is a normal crystal image of the sample.

Figures 4-5. are cross-view stereo images of the crystal sample.

Figures 6-7. are anaglyphic images of the crystal sample, i.e., these require red-blue glasses (red-cyan glass). Figures 5 and 6 are from the same image. The latter only shows a wider area of the image.

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Additional information
  • The halo was caused by lightsource:
    • Artificial light source
  • Where are the ice crystals of the halo located?
    • Ice crystals
  • Harvinaiset halomuodot (keinovalo)
    • Alasivuaurinko
  • Yleiset halomuodot (keinovalo)
    • Ala-aurinko
    • Sivuaurinko
    • Auringonpilari
    • 22° rengas
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