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M81, M82 - 28.2.2016 at 00.30 Kauhava Observation number 49308

Visibility II / V

Oskari Syynimaa, Lakeuden Ursa

The sky cleared for a couple of hours, so I made the hasty decision to try to get a picture of the M81 and M82 galaxies. However, I failed terribly, because there were many more in the picture ...;) At first the sky looked really clear, but I should have guessed that it was immediately fogging when the temperature started to drop. However, the targets were somewhat in zenith, so the fog didn’t bother me that much. The fog soon fell, but then the moon rose to disturb. Even a thin cloud board actually wandered over the entire shooting session, so the weather was by no means good for anything. Surprisingly, there were about many of those dimmer galaxies visible. :)

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Deep space object
  • Designation
    • M81, M82
    • Heikosti näkyvä
  • Constellation
    • Ursa Major
  • Galaxies
    • Galaxy cluster info

      In a galaxy cluster there are tens or hundreds of galaxies. Typically a moderate big instrument is needed to see galaxy clusters.


      The galaxy cluster Hickson 44 in Leo in composed of four galaxies. Image Timo Inkinen.

    • Irregular galaxy info

      Irregular galaxy is a stellar system without clear organized structure.

      Irregular galaxy IC 10 in Cassiopeia. Image Rauno Päivinen.

      Large Magellanic Cloud is the third nearest galaxy. Image Toni Veikkolainen.

    • Spiral galaxy info

      Spiral galaxy is a stellar system where there are outwards arched spiral arms from roundish (spiral galaxies) or bar-shaped (barred spiral galaxies) central condensation.

      The apparent shape of spiral galaxied depends on out observation direction. From above they are quite round. From the side they lens-shaped with a bulge in the middle.

      Generally a rather large instrument, good weather conditions and observational expereince are needed to see spiral arms. Usually spiral galaxies look like a fuzzy spots.

      Spiral galaxy M33 in Triangulum. Image Tero Turunen.


      Andromeda Galaxy M31. There are also galaxies M110 (upper right corner) and M32 (lower left corner) in this image. Image Pekka Peura.

      M101 aka Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Major. Image Samuli Vuorinen.


      Spiral galaxy IC 342 aka Hidden Galaxy in Camelopardalis. Image Timo Inkinen.

      A sketch of spiral galaxy NGC 7331 in Pegasus. Image Juha Ojanperä.

Technical information

Nikon D750, Tamron 80-210 mm (210 mm), f / 4.0, ISO1600, 90x60s. DeepSkyStacker, Photoshop CS6.

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