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Moon - 14.11.2016 at 17.02 - 14.11.2016 at 17.58 Laitila Observation number 58404

Visibility V / V

He didn't even dare to wait for this. Couldn’t have planned even better because the moon hasn’t had to be watched for a moment. Moka number one came at this point. So in a way.

The “super moon,” a world-buzzing opportunity, would describe, but the clouds held us pretty tightly. I left already during the day to see some nice place to shoot. I looked at the same landmark, oh boys — that would work! This later turned out to be mocha # 2.

At that point, meet very satisfied with the home to eat and then banana with the host.

Smartphone and compass don't rely on that functionality ...

After all, the matter did not come to us at all, as it should have.

First of all, while waiting for the terrible thriller, the moon vs. clouds came to eat all the nails and we were already moving on the floor mats of the car until it started to happen. There was a rush out of the car. It can’t be real: the moon rose briskly past the landmark, almost immediately covered in clouds.


Nothing but a beak towards the home and the kappas moon tolerated showing up once again when we got to the backyard. Now let's run! (it was slippery too, a couple of pattern floating movements had to be done)

As I adjusted the tripod, camera and obiska, I realized that my wrist, cut three weeks ago, couldn’t stand this hustle and bustle. The weight limit in the hand went up so that it felt, rang and banged. Auuuuh! Moka number three!

Since the landmarks were no longer of any practical use, I decided to giggle with the camera otherwise but so little that I didn’t have to terribly take the weight of the whole package at hand.

At the end, then, the neighbor lit a "witch-white" burn-fire with at least a slightly different moon shots, however.

Note to myself: always check landmarks three times. But the pictures were taken and that’s the main thing.

Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Moon
    • Erittäin näyttävä
Technical information

Canon EOS 6D, Canon 100-400mm f4.5, 2s ISO 200 & f4.5, 6s, ISO 1600

Comments: 4 pcs
Matti Helin - 14.11.2016 at 21.31 Report this

Hyvin samanlaiset olivat näköjään olosuhteet sielläkin. Hienoa, että kuitenkin onnisti! 

Tarja Hämäläinen - 15.11.2016 at 01.48 Report this

Upeita kuvia, pellon yläpuolella kuu loistaa kauniisti

Anne Pöyhönen - 15.11.2016 at 02.09 Report this

Hulvaton tarina, lisää näitä! Pidätkö jo blogia? Ja ihan huima värien ilotulitus tuossa viimeisessä kuvassa. Kelmeä taivaalla ja hehkuvan punainen maassa. Se luo sopivan pelottavan tunnelman, että mitä kohta tapahtuu - vuoden suurimman täysikuun alla..

Pirjo Koski - 17.11.2016 at 15.10 Report this

Kiitokset kaikille :) (jälleen kerran) En pidä blogia, mutta harkinnassa olisi facebook-sivut ihan omia kuvia, kertomuksia ja näitä ilmiöitä varten. Vielä en ole vaan saanut aikaiseksi, kun on ollut aika ja jaksaminen vähän kortilla viimeisen vuoden...Ehkä tulevaisuudessa?

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