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vdB 9 - 3.12.2016 at 22.00 Kirkkonummi Observation number 58677

Visibility II / V

Samuli Vuorinen, Kirkkonummen komeetta

I photographed this “cosmic hand” two nights this week, three hours on Wednesday, and seven hours yesterday. So a total of ten hours!

Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Deep space object
  • Designation
    • vdB 9
    • Heikosti näkyvä
  • Constellation
    • Cassiopeia
  • Nebulae
    • Dark nebula info

      Dark nebulae are dust in space. It obsruct the visibility of background star and bright nebulae. Thus, the dark nebulae are seen as dark clouds in space.


      The Horsehead Nebula is a dark nebula. Image Arto Murtovaara.


      The dark nebula LDN 1235 in Cepheus. Image Juha Kepsu.


      The dark nebula LDN 1302. Image Tero Turunen.


      The NGC 1333 is a reflection nebula, which includes also dark nebulae. Image Samuli Vuorinen.

    • Reflection nebula info

      Reflection nebula is gas only lit up by nearby stars. It should not be mix up with emission nebula, where hot stars nearby cause the gas glow. But then reflection nebulae are visible in the same areas with emission nebulae. The appearance of reflection nebulae is irregular, and many of them need bigger instruments to be visible.


      Reflection nebulae are glowing blue around the stars of Pleyades. Image Juha Parvio.


      The blue glowing reflection nebula NGC 1333 around the bright star is in Perseus. Image Timo Inkinen.


      The bluish reflection nebula NGC 2023 is located lower left from the Horsehead Nebula. The Horsehead Nebula itself is a dark nebula in the front of red emission nebula IC 434. In the left side there is NGC 2024 aka Flame Nebula. Image Samuli Vuorinen.


      NGC 7538 in Cepheus is a combination of reflection and emission nebula. Image Timo Inkinen.


      Rflection nebulae (LBN 550, 552 and 555) and dark nebulae (LDN 1228) in Cepheus. Image Juha Kepsu.


      Reclection nebula vdB 141 in Cepheus. Image Tero Turunen.

Technical information

TS Boren-Simon Powernewt 8 "f / 2.8, Atik 460EX, Skywatcher EQ6 and Astrodon LRGB filters. Exposure for a total of 10 hours in 10 minute increments.

Comments: 4 pcs
Jari Luomanen - 4.12.2016 at 16.40 Report this

Wow, upeaa jälkeä! Värikkäät diffraktiopiikit ovat NIIN hieno yksityiskohta vielä. 

Mikko Peussa - 4.12.2016 at 18.12 Report this

Upea kuva ja valotusta kerätty kunnioitettavasti!

Samuli Vuorinen - 4.12.2016 at 19.21 Report this

Kiitosta vain! :)

Janne Kari - 4.12.2016 at 21.41 Report this

Makoisa kuva ja vielä makoisampi käsittely. Tyylikästä jälkeä, dataa on revitty auki juuri oikea määrä eikä yhtään yli tai ali.

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