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Kangastus - 6.2.2017 at 08.19 - 6.2.2017 at 08.34 Kuhmo Observation number 60676

Visibility III / V

Yesterday morning, Kuhmo was the coldest place in Finland (official -30.9 C). I thought now was the right time to go and shoot a colorful sunrise. After more than a kilometer of snowshoeing, I found a suitable place on an island in Lake Lammasjärvi, where the sunrise should be properly visible according to the tablet program. And exactly from that direction, after a while, various colored lights anticipating the rise began to appear. At first there was a mere line of light showing conspicuous green parts. The light line then grew into a fluorescent, yellowish horizontal sausage. In fact, the sun did not rise until later behind the neighboring island in a semicircular sphere. The first color light observations are likely to be fabrications caused by atmospheric light before direct visual observation. The variation of colors in sunlight and landscape was really interesting to watch.

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  • Common atmospheric phenomena
    • Mirage info

      Mirage is a light phenomenon that occurs when there are layers of air of different temperatures in the atmosphere. The light gets reflected between these different layers.

      This can happen, for example, in the spring over the water when the sea is still cold and the sun is already heating up the air .

      In mirages, distant objects may appear even if you do not otherwise see them. Their shape is more or less distorted. Objects like boats or islands may also appear to be hanging upside down in the sky.

      Mirages involving landscape objects and celestial bodies are reported to the Skywarden. Asphalt mirages are not collected, since they are quite common during the summer months.

      In this mirage small islands seem to be hanging from the air over the sea. Image by Peter von Bagh.

      The Moon distorted on a mirage. Photo by Aki Taavitsainen.

      Island mirages over an ocean covered by ice. Image by Pentti Arpalahti.

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