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Active aurora band - 27.3.2017 at 22.14 Kontiolahti Observation number 62478

Visibility III / V

My morning started as I drove off the night shift. I had watched for several days the effect of the corona opening on the activity of the northern lights that happened tonight. Before I had time to sleep, it became clear that the best moments of activity were already at hand. With this information in my mind, I stuffed my head into the pillow and my thumb into my mouth. I haven’t seen nightmares in the past, but now my dream was a pretty confusing nightmare, paced by three consecutive night shifts. It was close that I didn’t wake up to my own cry. The content of the dream also included satellite data I was reviewing just before falling asleep, related to the activity of the northern lights. I photographed the northern lights in a dream, but the pictures didn’t work because they ran away from me .... This is not a story, but a fact. There were many other things involved in the nightmare, but let them go unnoticed, because this one thing is juicily related to the epistle of the evening.

The sky was most surprisingly blocked in the evening in the direction of Kontiolahti. At the same time, the northern lights were pounding at a steady pace via Twitter, and I had already decided not to go see the clouds again. Luckily, Pasanen Karri woke me up to reality by asking about the plan for the evening. There was a bit of a curse in both clouds, and finally Karri said that Valtimo is clear right now, he found out from his friend. From an old habit, I put the Camera Accessories in good condition, even though I hadn’t thought about going anywhere. I still went to the sauna after checking the clouds in the sky, and began to assess my own situation. Below three night shifts, waking up in the middle of dreams because of a nightmare, and completely pointless fatigue. Is it worth getting tired of yourself anymore ... After the sauna I walked to the yard where I was waiting .... clear sky. Satellite data promised intense activity within half an hour, and an arc with a high eye was visible in the northern sky. The brain immediately clicked into a familiar position, and a quarter of an hour later I was at Höytiäinen's beach, waiting for this sight, accompanied by a hellish hurry. I inked as I enjoyed the situation that yes this overcomes fatigue. Although the situation did not last again long before the clouds came, I cannot hide my satisfaction. It's just awesome :).

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Comments: 6 pcs
Emma Bruus - 28.3.2017 at 01.07 Report this

Nättiä jälkeä! Tuli heti mieli lähteä hiihtämään.

Tuomo Arovainio - 28.3.2017 at 01.21 Report this

Kiitos Emma :). Vaikka setti oli kohdallani lyhyt, se palautti mieleen taas asian, itse asian :)

Satu Juvonen - 28.3.2017 at 14.05 Report this

Hieno kuva, kyllä kannatti! 

Tuomo Arovainio - 28.3.2017 at 16.58 Report this

Kiitokset, Satu :)

Jani Päiväniemi - 29.3.2017 at 00.35 Report this

Mahtava kuva ja hyvä tarina ,itsekkin töiden vuoksi väsyneenä olen muutamana iltana jaksanut käydä kuvaaamassa vaikka vasta harjoittelen.

Tuomo Arovainio - 29.3.2017 at 20.43 Report this

Kiitokset Jani :). Ihmeesti sitä väsyneenäkin jaksa kytätä, mutta vain tiettyyn pisteeseen asti.

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