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Moon - 4.4.2017 at 21.26 Espoo Observation number 62880

Visibility III / V

Tommi Ropponen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The headlight for the 8 "EdgeHD was finally made on Tuesday (the concept of the headlight will probably have to be stretched a bit when it comes to the tube used, but at least for its own use now.) so here's the ASI178MM right behind the OTA so that the cell should be pretty close to the right distance from the optics.

I made two versions of the image: normal and annotated, in which I randomly threw objects and their dimensions into view. The images are native in size, ie about 3000 x 2000 pixels. It would seem that fitting the camera and tube went pretty well on the button, and in good weather, the picture quality is what I was aiming for. Likewise, the image field is reasonably flat. Focusing while these were still in the hand game, one would have to find time to do that engine system still stuck in the pipe somewhere in between.

The weather was weak. For fun, I glanced at Jupiter, which was very low. Even stacking did not reveal any detail about it. Fortunately, capturing the Moon is still possible, while other objects are already hopeless due to the weather.

I finished the 3D model, so on April 13, 2017 I added the last three images. These images are based on that annotated photograph and I combined the altitude data measured by the LRO sonar from the moon with my own photograph using QGIS software. If maintenance allows, then below is a link to the 3D model. The model works with almost any browser and the 3D model can be zoomed and rotated with the mouse, and it has also been tested to work with the Android / Chrome combination:

By pressing the letter R, the model starts rotating on its own and at the same time can still use the mouse controls.

#Lunar100: 004

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  • Observation target
    • Moon
    • Keskitaso
Technical information

Celestron EdgeHD 8 ", Baader IR-pass 685 nm, ZWO ASI178MM, Celestron AVX. 5000 squares stacked with the best 5% Autostakkert! 3.0.14. USM, levels and annotation Photoshop CC 2017.

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Emma Bruus - 6.4.2017 at 23.26 Report this

Vaikeista olosuhteista huolimatta komea valon ja varjon tanssi! Toivottavasti ehdit vielä ennen kesää kokeilla tuoretta 'lelua' muuhunkin kuin Kuuhun.

Tommi Ropponen - 13.4.2017 at 13.24 Report this

Kiitos Emma! Saapi nähdä salliiko kelit vielä lisäkuvauksia ennen kuin viritän vermeet auringonkuvauskuosiin.

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