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Telescopic comet Johnson - 16.4.2017 at 02.35 - 16.4.2017 at 03.01 Orimattila, Artjärvi, Tähtikallio Observation number 63562

Visibility IV / V

C / 2017 V2 (Johnsson) was filmed during the Easter campaign. The comet has been discovered in connection with the Catalina Sky Survey program. Discovered by Jess Johnsson on November 3, 2016, instrumented by a 68 cm Schmidt – Cassegrain telescope. The comet is on a hyberpolic orbit and leaves the solar system, observable on our devices until 2019, when> 18mag. I measured a coma and got about 8.15 mag from a single image, I can't measure a wide tail with MaximDL!

#pyrstö: 15 'PA 310 °

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Comet
  • Name of the observation target
    • C/2015 V2 (Johnson)
    • Näyttävä
  • Tail length
  • 15 arc minutes
  • Coma diameter
  • 11 kaariminuuttia
  • Weather
    • Kuu haittasi hieman kuvausta, kohinaa taustaan.
  • Title for the comet
    • Telescopic comet
Technical information

Alluna RC16, C415 / 3320, SBIG 1001E, filter L, 12 x 120 s

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